Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Wannabes much?

Does doing what others do make us wannabes? Wearing the same, exact clothes as those guys around the curb, on the sidewalk, in Starbucks? I think they're called hippies, but I don't have a clear picture of what the word "hippie" stands for. It's like suddenly everyone's wearing H&M.

Starbucks. The place where people hangout and have coffee, talk, chat, but what happens to be recently, more like get a Frappuccino, find a seat, out goes the iFamilies, and yeah. Not stereotypical, I personally hangout at Starbucks a lot. With friends, alone, rushing on assignments or just reading, or people-gazing, or just yeah, daydream whatever, but mostly without ordering any drinks, coz you're not obliged to, plus the baristas wouldn't throw you out if you don't. I come here for their power supply and WiFi, maybe a little bit of the ambience when I'm out on the go (usually at college).

I order my regular iced tall double soy latte, which is technically out off the menu, in lieu I always see people ordering a grande green tea frap, or chocolate cream frap, I mean it's your drink don't you need some customizations or you're just trying to be like everyone else who comes to Starbucks, order a drink coz everyone does, and show off your iDevices coz everyone has one (or two). Or in short wannabes. I do sometimes consider myself a wannabe with the fact that I buy clothes from Uniqlo and H&M but that doesn't make me look like a complete idiot, coz seriously, they've got some really decent clothes.

My point is, people are constantly caught to the idea that they have to be what they think society wants them to be. For example, you wouldn't be deemed cool if you don't own an iPhone or don't wear H&M, or don't go to Starbucks, which those mammoth multinationals win in their ads and makes tons of money out of these people. I can't really judge people, especially when they like their coffee the way it is out of the menu, or feels more comfortable dressing like the mannequin in store windows. 

What only matters at the end of the day is to be your original self. Be who you are, not who they are. But the problem in this world is, everyone is brainwashed with overrated celebrities in commercials and mainly material things. Materialism is the word. That includes me :)

Peace out.

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