Thursday, November 29, 2012

Things change, changes things

Yup. I was just here talking about Starbucks and the other day I went and found something rather astonishing, and unfortunate, and creepy like they've heard what I said. "Seats are for Starbucks customers only", when I saw this I was like "Oh God Why", ya know the meme.

Things happen to change somewhere in between the period of our lifetime. Like how they'd decided to throw people out when you don't buy their stuff. I've grown taller than ever, having people to wonder what I've done to myself during my years in high school. I became more confident with myself and sure of my goals I have to meet. I changed my computer platform from Windows XP to a Macintosh during school. I had my hairstyle changed to some mohawk spikes and now back to my original hair (which I like better). I changed my mind from wanting to study in Australia to going to the U.S., and now Canada. My cousins said I'd changed a lot since we last met, which I don't really remember, and the list goes on and on...

Almost everything in life you've experienced, yet to encounter or not anticipating for, it will somehow come to a point where you face massive metamorphosis that would make you reorder your life. One day you may like how your backyard looks after a day of hard work remaking everything, a flood, or a hurricane may decide to come interfere and waste all those hard effort put in. And the next day, you find your backyard in a mess and swear to never step a foot in there again.

Let's not talk about these. College. It is now a very crucial time for me - to decide my major, and I know, I'm very clear that every decision I make now would totally directly, if not indirectly affect how the rest of my life would look like. I have a picture of my dream life. It will be not really luxurious but good enough to maintain a quality lifestyle. A job with a reasonably deserving high pay and sufficient to take care of my parents. This is what I want. I would also want to start a business venture of my own a few years after in the field. That's what I really want. But all that seems so hard.

I know and am very certain that nothing, absolutely nothing comes falling from the sky. There ain't no free lunches on Earth. And this, I think that's what, which makes it meaningful. You work for something and that something will yield a better something, perhaps a bigger and more superb one. It works the same to achieving anything.

My major and field of study is the most mind-boggling decision I have to ever make, but there are tons of other stuff to worry about later in life. So this is just small matter for years to come, until now, to me it's a massive live-or-die thing. I have yet to come to a firm choice as to major in ____ or ____ or ____, but I still applied and hoping for that when I open my mailbox I see an admission letter sent to me saying that I'm in! Need some more positive energy for this one here!

Seems like I'm going off topic, but nope, all those stuff I said are also related to change. I'm somehow like predicting those changes that might happen to me, in my life, in few years time. I'm making a decision that will ultimately alter every single detail, or atom, inside me. And those anticipation, let me tell ya, it ain't fun at all. But, there's always a but to everything, I could just fill myself with more of those positiveness and I'll make it through and get what I'd desired. You too! You could make it through for sure!

Positive vibes,
Peace out ;-)

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