Sunday, August 5, 2012

Fair is fair

Living in this world, you'll probably see some people being born with more advantages and more opportunities than others. Like, a child raised in a wealthy family and another being raised in poverty. Well, being said that, you can easily get those two children into different paths, for instance, a rich kid who doesn't have to worry about anything, not even a single f given, while a poor kid has to worry about school, family problems and all sorts. What's more a child from a poor family has to worry about not having enough money to pay for college, finding a job and so on. 

So it makes sense no? Wealthy kids just live the life whereas poor children live the day. It is so true it can't be truer. Some people are just blessed with more advantages than others. It can't be denied. Life is unfair, yes. But let's think. We are probably one of the fortunate few millions who are still living in this world, while others die of hunger in poorer places. So why complain and hate how unfair the world is treating you, instead, embrace it. Be grateful for what you've got but others don't. Be thankful for all you're blessed with. 

And I'm the one of the few fortunates to not having to worry about college or money, though not rich enough to live like a royalty. I'm thankful for that I'm given just the right amount of advantages to live with. Seriously.


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