Friday, July 20, 2012

Keep Calm And Carry On

Howdy y'all! Nope. It sounds stupid :)

I've been busy with college work, assignments, and finally finished my exams this week. So happy to feel free again, and it is summer time, everything just sounds more fun! But, sadly, summer for me means getting a job but it is a no-obligation. I could choose not to. However, it is also for my own good to gain some more experience.

And yet, again, I'm here thinking about some mind-boggling issues. What I really want to do after college? Get a job in my field, or as suggested, join my family business and soon take it over? I know everything, every single thing, or achievement on Earth requires hard work. And I know this works for everything. You can't expect something beautiful to just pop out of your garden if you don't work to plant those seeds. Nothing can be earned without hard work.

I knew it. I have to earn a good GPA in college, and for that, I will have to get up and work hard. I've also been taught at home that everything has to be earned. I got my brand new computer by working for my Mom at her office as an admin clerk doing all sorts of work around the place, as it goes the same with my phone. I earned it. And I'm satisfied with what I'm blessed and given. I'm grateful that I'd actually worked for all I have. I guess that was a good parenting technique my parents used in raising me.

But still, I'm kinda pressured by them too. As all parents do, they always lecture me if not about my results, it would be about my future job. I might get frustrated with all that lengthy talks, but I know it's for my own good. They like pressuring me to get a good GPA, which I am sure I would, and what's more, talking to me about my future career, which eventually, too I would! Trust me all parents are like that, not only Chinese parents :)

Looking at people dying, suffering from poverty and watching people doing hard chores around the city, I know I'm blessed with abundance in every aspect. I have nice and loving parents, stubborn but awesome sisters and college which my parents afforded me. I couldn't ask for more, but just do the best out of my life. And lastly I would like to thank this friend who kinda re-introduced me to this very quote I had adopted wrote some time ago. Cheers :)