Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Reality equals motivation

The old days had gone and in four years time, I'm about to open the doors to the outside world, the realistic and competitive world, look for a job with my bachelor's degree and live a different life from what I'm practically enjoying now. It is very challenging just by thinking of job interviews... I fear interviews. These unusual thoughts started to cross my mind almost everyday before I go to bed. And, by saying unusual, I meant that I didn't ever had a thought about it before, ever.

What is more scary than to face reality? I guess nothing. Reality is there, we will have to face it one day, good or bad. Try thinking like this, if you wanna find a path with no obstacles, it probably wouldn't lead you anywhere. The obstacles down our road are the realities of the world we would face. Looking from another point of view, the obstacles we faced are like small little hints or rather, directions, giving us guidance along our path. When the very little hints we accumulated teach us as we go, like how we learn from our mistakes, obviously it is gonna lead us to a bright new start.

Now, reality seems to be a good form of motivation huh. 

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