Wednesday, May 2, 2012

The Problem with Obesity

I recently came to notice that Malaysia is full of obese people. Yes I said OBESE. I don't know why but I could hardly see any fit and healthy humans in this place - Malaysia. Every where I go, I see enormous people with a huge tummy hanging there. All I could say, this is really unhealthy! So, where did all the healthy people go? I couldn't agree more, and I'm not stereotypic or nothing, they be in the gym. They look more like the average humans from the Paleolithic Ages.

People who workout or maybe just exercise frequently at the gym, and of course eating a healthy diet, tend to be fit. They're well toned and they look healthier! But why? Look, joining a gym is unreasonably expensive for most people, given that the income they earn (minimum wage RM900?) is obviously not enough. Secondly, healthy foods, like organic groceries, are double the price of normal stuff. A pack of organic spinach will inevitably cost you a nice 8 MYR. I mean, it is way out of the average grocery list spending. Moreover, the cost of living in KL is high, yes it is high, usual grocery shopping will cost you about 100 MYR, how could the average income earners afford organic groceries?

Let alone groceries. Let's talk about eating out. Having a lunch at Subway Sandwich Bars would cost you a reasonable 7.5 MYR, well what about having a salad? A simple salad could cost you 12.5 MYR !!! What the hell? Too bad but a burger at McDonald's only sets you back for a nice 4 MYR from your wallet. So, you gonna have a salad or a burger? You know the answer when your pocket's real tight.

Now, do you see why the obese people? Expensive gym memberships, costly organic foods and crazily cheap McDonald's burger. I couldn't agree more that these facts are the main reasons to obesity in this place. So what you gonna eat today?

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