Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Knowing something by not knowing how you know

Life as we know it, faith counts. There are many irrationalities in life, but all we could ever do is to follow and live as it goes by. Recently, I came through a point of life where you have to literally dig your minds and think of what you want to do after college, and before that, what to major in. I am in an American Bachelor's degree program, as you know it, I'll be given two years of time to practically think of what to major in. I sat back and thought. I stopped thinking, because I was totally blank, real blank.

I've already completed exactly one-third of my two years here at HELP University, two semesters out of six to be exact. And guess what? I still have no idea at all what I really wanted to do. People have too much desires to accomplish, like me, I was thinking even before I enrolled into college. Maybe a computer engineer, or a business person, or maybe a writer? Photographer sounds good, too. Seriously, how many things could you do?

And here comes irrationalities (I love using this word). Sometimes, I would think of doing stupid stuff. Oh, and not to mention work loads, lots of them. Parents having high hopes on me is killing me too! I have to look for a job with a criteria, high pay. But what about my own desires, if I have one, one and only one. I couldn't imagine working on a job which I have no interests in at all. So, am I doomed or what? Finishing high school early and ended up in college earlier than anyone else?

But I tried thinking on the bright side, this is the time of my life to start thinking, some serious critical thinking I guess. I'll have to plan for my major, if not majors, and a major relating to what I really wanted to do. Plus, having a double major is always better than just having one. Or maybe, I would, some day, know what is best for me even by not knowing how I knew it - Blink, Malcolm Gladwell. And it all might come a long, long way.