Monday, March 26, 2012

The Different People

As usual, I sit at Starbucks, trying to finish my work, but ended up got hooked by Twitter, Facebook, and countless other sites. I blame the free Wifi service they provide here, but without it, I can't imagine having my work done two hours before class. 

Sitting there looking around, I see different people, doing different but somehow similar things - socialize. In the different ways, there are people who communicate through the web, cell phones, and iPads. While others, prefer sitting face-to-face looking each other into their eyes and start talking for hours and hours, renewing their cup of coffee after every round. In fact, each and everyone of them has their own way of socializing. We are different and distinguishable, even twins, which is what made us all unique.

We are born with different looks, sizes, heights, backgrounds and almost anything you can think of. But most important of all, it is our individual personalities that counts. Different personalities makes different people, which we had, or maybe would meet in the near future. These different people step into our lives and could somehow alter the way our life was meant to be. But let it be in a good way or a bad one, we may have times when we face depression and everything just doesn't seem to go right, and times when everything seems finer than pure gold.

It is just a matter of perspective when viewing a situation, good or bad, it tells you which direction or step we should take next, right or wrong. When we take a step forward and continue with our life, we may turn back and think how sad I was before, and we'll know that some things change, it may go worse, but it is surely for the better.