Saturday, January 7, 2012


There was once when I had always asked myself, is money a big deal? When I was still a kid, maybe no. But then as grow, fifty bucks in my pocket seems like ten bucks when I was younger. It loses value. It's not that the currency depreciated, it's that, when we grow up, our wants becomes necessities, and expenses increase. We spend more and fifty bucks seems like no big deal now days.

But what if a ten thousand dollars went missing, and that is the person who you trust most who lose it? Now thats a big deal, for someone who has average income monthly. I would go mad if I was that person. I worked so effing hard for that ten thousand dollars, and now you lose it? I'm gonna kill you! Wait... did you lose it or you used it? *silence* WHERE DID THE MONEY GO??? I WOULD NEVER EVER FORGIVE FOR WHAT YOU'VE DONE!

Let's hop on a hot air balloon, ignite the fire, and let the hot air rise, and push the thing up. It leaves the ground. And look down. Suddenly all you could see is a real-life world map. Everything seems so small down there. the roads are like lines you draw with pencil. People are as tiny as ants. And money, it could be said as almost invisible.

Things may mess up sometimes, but all we've gotta do is, to forgive. Ten thousand dollars looking from high up in the air is almost nothing, and why make everyone's lives more miserable with the "almost nothing"? Forgive is the act of demanding peace. Forgive someone is to forgive oneself. No matter right or wrong, what's done is already done, none of us could change the past. But all we could do is to forgive for the future.

Dedication to my dearest someone.

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