Friday, December 9, 2011

Our Fate As We Know It

Is this the world we live in, which is so unpredictable and so ever-changing? Nothing will come to us and tell what's gonna happen next, tomorrow, next year, whatsoever. We wouldn't know the moment we open our eyes and it seems dark, lost...

Things change, people change, the weather changes, almost everything we know would change, but the world doesn't change. It's the same ole world we're living in. The world of uncertainty, of doubtfulness and haziness, which, made us all seemed so unconscious about the things going on around us.

I was sitting on the comfy chair looking at the sweaty people moving crates up and down of the truck, while carefree people chill out at classy bistros, iPhones and Blackberrys on their tables, jewelries illuminated under the luminous light, chatters non stop. Unfair is the word. But it all reflects back to fate. Fate itself plays a role in whether you will succeed, or fail, or just live the life, let it be a luxury one, or one full of miseries. The book Outliers, written by Malcolm Gladwell, tells us why do the most famous people, like Bill Gates, Steve Jobs and many more, succeed in their lives, starting from nothing to becoming a billionaire.

Let me put it this way. There are thousands and millions of people in this world who have talents. In fact, everyone has their own talent. We are all equally good in someways, at least. But why? Why is it that the only one in the million would succeed? Say, Steve Jobs, he is from a middle-class family, but what made him a figure that everyone praises? Of course, talent itself can't make it without the effort, the hard work, the determination. But what's more is that, as the book Outliers says, plenty of opportunities are given to them. They may start with just a penny, but more and more people are willing to give that opportunity to those "lucky ones", and opportunities stack higher and higher, and made them what we admire today, inventors, re-inventors, billionaires, revolutionary peoples...

That's all I could say. Fate is fate. It controls our lives, it controls what we would be in the future. If you stay stay low, you'll be forever low. If you are low, but lucky enough to be given opportunities, you'll fly higher. If you're a high-flyer, you'll always remain the same. And that all, is fate.

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