Monday, October 17, 2011

Irrationalities in a day

I will just have to keep on whining!

It is depressing sometimes, when you know it's not gonna be a good day, and you forcibly just wanna make something out of it. Then, what next? your coffee wouldn't taste any better... Your computer will act like a retard... You spill your coffee, and your computer goes nuts.

I'm not being negative or nothing. I'm just wondering why things get worse when it is already at its worst... It's called the law of attraction.

I came to get to know a friend, a new one, in college. She told me how she would do her tests. She will think nothing but just do the test, and only hoping for a pass. Is this how we should behave? Yes. The answer is obviously printed on the book "The Upside of Irrationality". That is why you should read this book, coz I'm not gonna explain and tell everything...

But, basically, it's just about the theory of: Higher incentives doesn't mean better outputs, in turn, it will lead to worsen situations...

So I guess I gave enough picture of what it might be. Imagine you're sitting for a test. You are constantly thinking of what if you don't pass. You are panicking. And all those pressures will take you into a world with so-called, failure. Why? You can't concentrate I guess...

And, this is why my day didn't go well today. First I hanged out with my friend, which didn't go quite well, then had some quarrels with ... (decided to keep it anonymous), then my caffè mocha from Starbucks tastes like coffee ain't coffee, and chocolate ain't chocolate. Know what I mean?

I guess it's time to end it here. See ya'll later! Cheers!