Monday, September 12, 2011

Life's Good, As Always...

Haven't been blogging for almost a quarter of the year (not really, two months actually), and I've been enjoying life to the max! before college starts. Oh COLLEGE. 

Some guy asked me: "What do you think about life?" during vacation in Thailand, I actually struggled to answer. But, that was about a year ago. Now, if someone were to ask me this question again, I wouldn't hesitate no more but say "LIFE'S GOOD!".

BUT, isn't it a little too un-professional to just say "LIFE'S GOOD!"? Well, I shortened my whole essay actually, into this phrase. Read on.

I think my life is unpredictable, but only if I don't plan! I think my life is dull, only if I don't care to color it! I think my life is awful, only if I don't want it to be perfect! I think my life sucks, only if I think it really sucks! I think my life... and it goes on and on...

This is what average people might say, if I'm right. But me, my life ROCKS!!!

I learned to appreciate everything I have, everything I once had and everything I will have. I learned that life goes on like how I control my thoughts. I practiced to be thankful, to anything. I learned to be grateful and appreciate life, love life and live my life. I knew that God made us all perfect and want us to be from birth to death. And this is what I'd always told myself: "LIFE'S GOOD!".

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