Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Guess what? College

Officially, tragically but awesomely, I'm in college! It is where you go after high school. This is where you do not have to wear "ugly" school uniforms but just dress casually as you would when hanging out with friends. This is where freedom will show up in dictionaries (really?). This is where you could text your friends even when you're in class. This is where the teachers (oops, should be lecturers) do not care if you're listening. They wouldn't stop halfway and shout at you. And mainly, this is where you study for pre-U's, undergraduates and so on.

So, I'm actually blogging from my laptop in the campus library (like, who cares!). ;-)

First week of ADP (FYI, it stands for American Degree Program if you don't know) is already tiring. You know, I still can't cope with the waking-up-early-in-the-morning life. That's because most of my classes start early in the morning like 8AM, then I'll have a few hours break in between, which I will spend time wandering around the city, and ends late in the evening.

And I'm recently reading this book "The Upside of Irrationality". It's a nice book, though I've not finished with it yet. Check it out! 


Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Monday, September 12, 2011

Life's Good, As Always...

Haven't been blogging for almost a quarter of the year (not really, two months actually), and I've been enjoying life to the max! before college starts. Oh COLLEGE. 

Some guy asked me: "What do you think about life?" during vacation in Thailand, I actually struggled to answer. But, that was about a year ago. Now, if someone were to ask me this question again, I wouldn't hesitate no more but say "LIFE'S GOOD!".

BUT, isn't it a little too un-professional to just say "LIFE'S GOOD!"? Well, I shortened my whole essay actually, into this phrase. Read on.

I think my life is unpredictable, but only if I don't plan! I think my life is dull, only if I don't care to color it! I think my life is awful, only if I don't want it to be perfect! I think my life sucks, only if I think it really sucks! I think my life... and it goes on and on...

This is what average people might say, if I'm right. But me, my life ROCKS!!!

I learned to appreciate everything I have, everything I once had and everything I will have. I learned that life goes on like how I control my thoughts. I practiced to be thankful, to anything. I learned to be grateful and appreciate life, love life and live my life. I knew that God made us all perfect and want us to be from birth to death. And this is what I'd always told myself: "LIFE'S GOOD!".