Thursday, March 24, 2011

quote of da day #22: Manifesting Our Very Souls

Think truly, and thy thoughts
shall the world's famine feed

Speak truly, and each word of thine
shall be a fruitful seed

Live truly, and thy life
shall be a great and noble creed

- Horatio Bonar, (1808-1889)

Monday, March 21, 2011

A is for Awesome

Our class can be said the most AWESOME of the 11th grade. What is it so awesome bout my class? You'll never imagine when it comes to sexism. Well, we don't actually practice that! Technically, just arguing over some irrelevant stuff during English class. Boys will be arguing with the girls, and the teacher s there to, I don't know, participate? Sometimes, the teacher do join in the "conversation" and it'll go all the way...

It's just some small misunderstanding in some passage, then here goes the argument. How pathetic! But, at the same time, that's cool, as in wasting time, coz, seriously, English class is BORING!

I could never ever ever describe my class, as well as the classmates, when I were to write a descriptive piece. I don't know which or how the adjectives should be used. That's just weird...
They're just weird! You wouldn't know what , or not even wanna know what they're thinking!

I know, 11A s like the best class in school! But, anyone ever wondered how "abnormal" they could be? Just as weird as a... I don't know!

In the morning, everyone'll be like sleepy, tired, and all, and in the noon, hyperactive is the issue. Then, when school ends, bull-crapping, fist-fighting and chit-chatting all the way to the corridor! AWESOME! That made me wanna take some candid photos too!

But, overall, what I could say is, everyone has their own LIFE. I can't be commenting too much. Awesome is just awesome, and I like the way it is, now and forever!

Hasta la vista!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

The Power of Madonna

1.0 x 10 Madonna

A Glee album. LOL thought of sharing this. Check it out! Songs are kinda nice :)