Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Your Luck and Mine

Happy New Year to y'all! My new year has been a RUSH rather than like usual, going around Malaysia getting RED PACKETS... Firstly, I have my Trials for IGSCE like three days after the New Year, which is really depressing! Secondly, I'm silly enough to go on a four-days trip to Hong Kong with mom and dad, two nasty sisters. Thirdly, there's just not enough time for me to settle down and get prepared for Trials. This is the issue, which made me feel, as well as, look tired, if that's what my friends told me.

Phew... Lucky me, I got through my three papers! Math P2, Economics and ICT which were all QUITE easy for me. But, there's something even more DEPRESSING! I got three cuts, though one is not considered a cut, on my hands! One each day! Holy CRAP! An unknown cut on my right wrist, one little burned mark on my right wrist, too, burned by the oven btw, and just got a cut today on my left arm. What on Earth is this?!

Luck doesn't follow you for the rest of your life... This is what I get when I lack of GOOD LUCK.
Chinese New Year is all about LUCK, right? Or it could also be FORTUNE, but most likely to be luck, you'll only have good fortune when luck comes... Btw, there's one thing... I felt like a small kid back in those days when i visited Hong Kong Disneyland this Spring. LOL

Cheers, and get lots of Hongbaos, lots of LUCK,

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