Friday, February 11, 2011

The Art of Being Passionate

Albert Einstein became a Physicist because he had a passion for sciences; Michael Jackson had a passion for dancing, and that's where his "moonwalk" dance came into picture. Even Scotland's Susan Boyle had a passion for singing, and that she became a star in no time!

See, there are lots of people around the world, doing what they're passionate to, becoming successful and famous. Have you ever wondered why Bill Gates became a billionaire? Yes, and that's, too, his passion towards inventing those great stuff we're using now days. Speaking of great inventions, Steve Jobs has it all! He has a passion to invent such "revolutionary" technologies, the iPhone, and, predominantly, the iPad, which has recently conquered and broke the records of so many years of IT! What's more impressive is the world's most powerful, most advanced OS! And, have you ever wondered how these things came into the world? Yes, and it's all about Passion!

When it comes to us, especially when at the age where we have to make our own decisions, like planning to take the Sciences or the Business, or the Arts. We tend to be over-proud of yourself and wants to be as smart as the straight A's students, taking the Sciences. But have you ever had a thought about your passion? What you love to study, or love to be? Well, you may had thought about it, that maybe Sciences is what you like, but many are still into the "you-take-I-take" kinda way. When it comes to practically studying those subjects, you'll be like "why on Earth did I choose Sciences?"

It's better to now it when young than realizing and regret when you are in the REAL WORLD. Passion is something personal, something you can't share or follow other's. It's somehow PRIVATE & CONFIDENTIAL. It's your love to something, like your love to iPhones. It's your choice of life, sometimes. It will change you forever. And it's YOUR PASSION.

Passion makes the world go round...
So, what's your passion?

"When you realize how perfect everything is,
you will tilt your head back and laugh at the sky."

- Buddha, spiritual teacher


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