Monday, January 17, 2011

Ugly Emotions, Bad Vibes

The world around us, it seems so big, so powerful and magnificent;
but it is small, in the perspective of the Universe.
The people around us, there are billions of them;
but they are something small, something more fragile,
almost invisible, too,
in the perspective of the Universe.

It is so depressing when you get bad vibes from your surrounding, like when people tend to be arguing, quarreling over a small matters. They show their ignorant emotions, or vibes, spreading out in every direction, affecting others, each and everyone in that limit receives that vibe and becomes as moody as they were. They'll just continue shouting at each other, whatever bad stuffs they can think of. Annoyed and frustrating, right?

The world can be that tiny from a view from, say, Jupiter! And why not a small matter, if they're arguing on money, in that case, a $1,000 can be nothing at all! Sometimes, you'll just have to zoom-out from your situation, look at things differently, hoping that the one who had just, maybe used up the $1,000 on something not worth it, like buying some video games instead of books, would apologize; despite of that, parents tend to shout at children, asking why they'd use up the money that fast, guilting them in public, spreading unwanted, bad vibes and all...

It is so wrong, bad to say, get rid of such stupidity! There are no benefits to anyone when blurting out these vibes. You would not feel better, would you? But, of course, in another scenario, the one who used up the $ 1,000 should not be the one who started this fight! He/she should learn to be honest, be grateful in some way, not picking arguments suddenly!

Well, we can't really control those vibes people give out, right? So, what's wise to do is, just control yourself, zoom-out yourself. Imagine you're in Jupiter or Saturn, looking at the Earth, then look at yourself in the limit, analyze those problems you are having, think about em in a different perspective, let it be free! And that's all! Remember, everything you see, or you own, is just completely invisible from the Universe.

"Learn to forgive. Let every vibe of yours be positive..."

Cheers with lots of vibes,

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