Friday, November 26, 2010

A wish upon a star, or perhaps a moon?

The moon that night was hanging so low, and so huge. It's a rare one seen in Malaysia. You know, it used to be high up in da sky, so small and blah... can't describe it. Yeah. I made a wish then. You'll never know what i'd wished for. Of course, to stay healthy, happily, but instead of more of that, i wished i could see the same moon every month, like new moon, then crescent, then half moon, then full moon and all that.

Btw, it was a crescent moon that night, Nov 30. Ya know, like those moon-s in fairytales...

Hey! Soon, it's gonna be Christmas, again, i know. Christmas was just like yesterday. I went to Bangsar Shopping Center last Sunday, and there was already Christmas decorations, even earlier, Pavilion was a "WOW"!

I've got a wish-list already! Haha :D

Cheers, happy pre-Christmas, i don't know what am i talking...

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