Friday, November 12, 2010

What much more? Just relaxation!

yeah. this is how i was during and after exams...

It has been almost a month! I've been so lazy to blog especially when exams are nearing, I'm just too bored to blog my stuff. But, now, exams kinda over, two more papers, one next Friday and one on the following Monday! Technically, I've finished all ma Science subjects, all are left is Malay Language and ICT! WOOHOO!!! I have a week's holiday in between...

A post-exam period is said to be not really "after" without planning-s... SO, I bet the 6Tulips are "brian-storming" on the problems of coming here and going there... Right? And, I'll be here happily waiting for a conclusion. ;D

I'm sooo damned looking forward to the end of da first se
mester of school! Then, I get the holidays, but again, boredom is the issue. Not actually. With my mac, i can still live :D
And, there are so damn lot o things i want to do when EXAMS are right over!!! So, i'll start ma day.. tomorow! XD

it's like everything after exams!

It's late, and am tired coz i just had like four hours of sleep last night!...

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