Monday, October 11, 2010

Hundred-and-ninety-six days left!

It's been a long time. Like, a month...

Btw, PMR takers, how was it?
I can be relaxin too, but now i'm not.
I can be day-dreamin, sittin there doin nothin,
But now i'm studyin....

I really need a brush-up for Chemistry and Economics, and Pure Mathematics too. You know, Pure Math seems to be very easy when in the first few parts of a topic. As it goes deeper, it drastically becomes harder!

Plus, Mock Exams are like in four weeks time, i.e., twenty-eight days! Trials seems to be way far, like, some four months, i.e., sixteen weeks!, iow, a hundred-and-twelve days! AND IGCSE s in some six to seven months!, i.e., twenty-eight weeks!, iow, hundred-and-ninety-six days!!! |:S

Yeah, basically, it's a summary of my up-and-coming exams...

Okay, seriously, i'm not in a mood to blog now. Ciao!
Wish Me Luck :)


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