Tuesday, October 12, 2010


Yr 11 of 2010/2011 - overloaded.
My class, Yr 11A- hyper-active.

It's a real serious problem in my class. All of em are like "don't mind, don't care" kinda attitude. What? This is the fourth time, Ms. Tapscott is giving us advice, telling us to start studying and stuff, and that, or we'll regret... Yeah, I mean, I know what I'm doing, at least.

People tend to be hyper-active like everyday, I don't know, this is what I saw today. Some of em are talking gray crap, some were like making noise da whole day. One or two do not even bother to study, I think? And there's always this Iranian guy, who is smart enough to always mention that, and admit that he's Russian? What's wrong with these guys? Plus, he's damn good in Chemistry and Pure Math... Well, I may believe him, but you know, the way he's showing it s like trying to spread communism?... I don't know, and don't care... And the funny thing is, I remembered it was the first trimester of 2009/2010, when he assume that he has an American accent when he was speaking in pure, and tongue-rolling Persian accent. Stupid rite? Some people just like to talk crap!

Yeah, this is basically yr 11A, which made our present English teacher, and also our former class teacher go crazy. She's hyper too! Gave us so many writings to do when we are studying like hell everyday!

And, yr 11s were complained by several teachers too, that we're not serious enough for our IGCSEs and stuff. I think that it's due to the population...

And, there's twenty-six days left to my Mock Exams! Wish Me Luck, again!

Monday, October 11, 2010

Hundred-and-ninety-six days left!

It's been a long time. Like, a month...

Btw, PMR takers, how was it?
I can be relaxin too, but now i'm not.
I can be day-dreamin, sittin there doin nothin,
But now i'm studyin....

I really need a brush-up for Chemistry and Economics, and Pure Mathematics too. You know, Pure Math seems to be very easy when in the first few parts of a topic. As it goes deeper, it drastically becomes harder!

Plus, Mock Exams are like in four weeks time, i.e., twenty-eight days! Trials seems to be way far, like, some four months, i.e., sixteen weeks!, iow, a hundred-and-twelve days! AND IGCSE s in some six to seven months!, i.e., twenty-eight weeks!, iow, hundred-and-ninety-six days!!! |:S

Yeah, basically, it's a summary of my up-and-coming exams...

Okay, seriously, i'm not in a mood to blog now. Ciao!
Wish Me Luck :)