Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Thunder 'ROARS'

I was on my way to school this morning. From distance, I saw lightning but did not hear any thunder, thought it was far away. I hoped it would rain once I arrived school, so that there'll be no morning assembly. Haha, I just don't like standing out there for 10 minutes, waiting for those teachers to finish taking our attendance, or waitin for those bastards to get into their lines. You know, I just don't understand them. They can understand English, they have brains, and yet, they still want to waste more time out there.

I hoped it rained this morning, coz I just like to hear the sound of raindrops hitting the roof top...
I was waitin the whole day for a down pour of water from the sky, but there was no rain at all! Disappointed.

I used to think that the thunder rolled because God was angry, lightning strike because... God was angry too :P Until I grew up and found out that it wasn't God who made all these, they're natural phenomena. Ahah... childish thinking was really different from what we think now. And I want more pouring of rain coz the weather here is getting more humid everyday! I don't know, maybe it's because in the city, more CO2 is given out than in the country. I stepped out of school and immediately, I was sweating like hell! I just can't stand it!

Well, tomorrow's Malaysia Day, I don't know what exactly it is, just a public holiday in Malaysia, HAPPY HOLIDAYS! Cheers, darren.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

IGCSE in 8 months!

Wow, time flies. I am fifteen now. Just celebrated my birthday yesterday in some steak house. I'm growing older and older, and IGCSE is in 8 months time. But mock exams will be in 8 more weeks! So packed-up! I'm gonna speed up my revision, and there are lots of past-year-papers to do... I have to be stressful in order to get good grades? TOUGH LOTS!!!

Despite of all that stress I'd imagine of, I really look forward to the public holiday on Thursday. Though it's just a day, it still make a difference. Like I can sleep late or sumthin... Or maybe go onto facebook and wish someone happy bday or just say hello. Seriously, I found many of my friends have their birthdays in September. and guess what, my birthday wishes on facebook increased some 50%! I think it's the birthday reminder thing which helps...

Torture myself and ending up hugging good grades? Absolutely right! Just stay in "hell" for like 2 more months and I'll achieve.. rite? Then few more months again, and that's all. summer break again. I'm so sick looking forward to it! Hey year 11 is fun! Only two semesters. then college... and all that futuristic stuff… btw, good luck PMR-takers!!! bonne chance