Saturday, June 5, 2010

Today was Sports Day

The 25th Sayfol Annual Sports was KUHRAYZAYEE!!! Clover house got the champion this year....too bad Marigold got nothing in first place. I marched, forced to, but like it. The first 10 minutes, there was some sign of raining. But it grew heavier as we were marching, but didn't last long though. Yeah, same oldie routines which were done every year. Games oath, a must, changing of baton, and an "Olympic" feel torch lighting... Yes, same old routines as I said, even those sound effects were the same! WTF!

And, hey I found it very boring and lazy to blog when you have nothing to blog about... Exams are near, think you guys are not gonna hear from me for a couple a weeks. Wish me LUCK &... CHEERS :)

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