Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Summer Awesomeness

Hey blog buddies hows it goin lately? Yeah I don't have time to blog for the past four weeks because the Final Examinations were commenced. And, finally, I finished my exams with no pain today, coz my last one was Malay. Malay was so easy! Like primary work. Two compositions, one vocab section and two comprehensions. That's why I finished my exams with no pain today. But no pain no gain... I have to admit that PAIN has followed me throughout the four weeks! I hope I gained at least :)

I'm planning my summer vacation now... Two months break, I think it's too much, but not enough, too, at the same time. But what I said PLAN is, to hangout with friends. I thought of working part-time too, but I know, working is tough job! I have to try it though coz the Work Experience thing last trimester was very not-serious kinda attitude... Meanwhile, I just wanna relax and enjoy my few days of break while some of em are still having exams.

Summer break is all about F.U.N.

Do you agree with that? Or you prefer WORK, SUMMER SCHOOLS, blah blah blah...

What is unfair, in the US, summer break literally means LONG VACATION, and their summer break has started, I think. It's like three months, 100+ days. Why do I have only two months, or less than two months, like seven weeks???
Education system is different.

Hey and I found iPhoto very interesting. Lots of functions in it like tagging people, making albums, like real albums, card designing etc. iMovie is also cool! Edit videos like a pro... Especially iTunes, love the iTunes store so much! I know! I've been using Mac for like a couple of years and I never touched these apps before! NEVER EVER TOUCHED! Until few weeks ago, I saw some tutorials in apple.com and tried it out! SO COOOL!


Friday, June 25, 2010

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Lady Gaga-ness of Bad Romance

Je veux ton amour, et je veux ton revenge
Je veux ton amour, I don't wanna be friends...

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

quote of da day #16: Never Give Up

Never Give Up No Matter What

N'Abandonnez Jamais

Nunca Te Rindas



포기하지 않는다는


Sunday, June 6, 2010

Discover the other part of Indo-china

Hey blog buddies, I was just very lazy to complete my last post. But when it comes to traveling, nothing will make me feel lazy, nothing at all. I am in Hatyai, Thailand, walking through night markets, feeling the hot sun, eating delicious but sometimes disgusting food and stuff like that... Well what I like about Thailand is their warm welcome-ness (if this is what u call it), their language-I like the tone of their speech...

What makes a country famous is, of course their people and their cultures which includes food, historic places etc. Thai's are friendly beings... Although its very humid in Hatyai, I still enjoy the heat sometimes. Very developed countries, you can only find taxis, or cabs... But in Thailand, a developing nation as it is, there are taxis, and also some public vehicles so called "too-toot che". You can see it in this picture, the red one. It's a mini-van-like vehicle which acts like a public cab. Passengers are allowed to sit at the back of the van, opened aired. The same, it brings u wherever u wanna go...

We took off from KL at 1 am on Sunday, and arrived at Kayu Hitam at around 5 am. I was surprised when I was there in the morning. The sky was already very bright at around 430 am... And yeah, they have less dark hours, and more day time. I wonder how can they have enough sleep?...

Im going back to KL tomorrow... Time flies when I am having fun...

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Today was Sports Day

The 25th Sayfol Annual Sports was KUHRAYZAYEE!!! Clover house got the champion this year....too bad Marigold got nothing in first place. I marched, forced to, but like it. The first 10 minutes, there was some sign of raining. But it grew heavier as we were marching, but didn't last long though. Yeah, same oldie routines which were done every year. Games oath, a must, changing of baton, and an "Olympic" feel torch lighting... Yes, same old routines as I said, even those sound effects were the same! WTF!

And, hey I found it very boring and lazy to blog when you have nothing to blog about... Exams are near, think you guys are not gonna hear from me for a couple a weeks. Wish me LUCK &... CHEERS :)