Wednesday, May 12, 2010


Another tiring day, had march-past in the morning, 6 hours of school plus extra classes... Really energy consumptive. Same school days when teachers will shout at us like mad creatures, she's really nuts! The signboard in the hall way wrote "SILENCE! Year 11 exams commencing", and yet, she burst into our class and started yelling. Not enough! She enter next door class an did the same thing! What's wrong with her?? Doesn't she knew that Year 11s are having their exams?
Urgh! March-past made me go mad! We do it everyday, and it's like EVERYDAY!!! Curse you march-past!!!The only way for me to relax is, no, actually I have many ways, like shut everything and turn on my iPod or radio, tune on ma favorite musica and enjoy... If I found chocolates in the fridge I'll take 'em all and enjoy it infront TV. What a day! I'll call it. Indulged in the world of silence, peace, relaxation, chocolates, and nothing else... This is what I treat myself when I get tired, frustrated, stressed-out, and anything that changes ma mood~

And, yea, um recently doing some English project, or call it a documentary presentation. It's like some topic on MATERIALISM, but I don't really understand this word, I mean understanding deeply. Generally, it's about interviewing consumers out there in the malls on this topic, like why they choose to buy expensive goods with good quality rather than cheap ones with cheap quality... Gonna do it this Saturday, haha and before that um gonna watch Iron Man 2, many of them said it's good! Yea I know! It's like so late!!! Okay I think um gonna stop here. Ciao. Happy Wednesday!


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