Friday, May 14, 2010

Mind full of positive charges

Not everything can change everything... But there is something that can change everything...that is MORE POSITIVENESS!!!

So, exactly how many of u blog readers had actually tried out ma advices? Like be thankful, think positive, appreciating and so on...? If you've not, do it now! Tell u, it's true. It really works! Just practice more SECRETS, and what you'll gain is what you've asked for.

The aggressiveness of someone to do something he/she wanted to do, like to aim for a goal or sumthin, it doesn't just rely on your potential but also your existence of your mind. What you think is also a great influence on what you do. I've tried it before...

I studied everythin before exam, confidently relaxing. While sitting down, I keep on thinking, what if I failed my exams? I am nervous, I don't wanna fail! and sort of thoughts like that. You know, this would even worsen your current mood and naturally become nervous and negative! Avoid those what-ifs and don't s. You studied months before exams, you were well prepared, you are confident, and don't let those negative thoughts disturb your present mind. The only way is to stay relaxed, be happy, think of positive what if I ace? Will I get rewarded by the principal? Mom? Certificates? iPhone? Think of all these, it'll be nicer!

Okay, back to more personal...

I saw some charts in some year 9 classrooms during activities, it was mostly about Geography, Integrated Science, Languages and sort of things. I started missing those lower secondary school days... I missed Geography lessons, History, and Literature. But honestly, I don't like either of them. That's why I don't take these in Year 10. Well, nothing much interesting happened today... Think um gonna go now...and have a cup o chocolat du lait... Au revoir!

darrenlzh, votre ami

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