Friday, May 7, 2010

La vie d'un petit ananas

Have u ever seen pineapples like this? Small and doesn't last long... Well, maybe u have seen it before somewhere, but for those who haven't, continue reading :)

This is my "petit ananas", little pineapple in French. I bought this little theng in one of the night markets in Taiwan. Petit ananas, I've heard of it for the first time. This lil' pineapple is like a miniature of those edible pineapples we used to eat. It has everything similar to the pineapples except that, we can't eat em. It has a fragrance smell that, I think a real pineapple wouldn't have. As it grows riper, the smell would be nicer, but as it become fully ripened, it'll go smaller and just go dry... Yes, it is smaller than before now, and I have to cut it off and replant the top part to give it a life cycle~~ And it takes nine months to grow again... I'll have to wait~

It rained heavily just now, and I love the after-rain feeling, so cool and fresh!

Just like the petit ananas, the cycle of a day works just the same, but only it takes a shorter time to finish a cycle. A life cycle makes the lil pineaple valuable, so do the cycle of a day. Sometimes, we may have enjoyed a day without pain, and look forward for another same day; and sometimes we may not enjoy the day and asked for a time reverse - which will never ever happen in real life... Value everyday when time passes, and look forward for a brand new day when time passed.

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