Monday, May 17, 2010

food of da day: J.CO Donuts & Coffee™, donut experience

Hey blog buddies, have u heard of J.Co? Or maybe u haven't, it is a cafe selling donuts and coffee. The best thing is, they have a large variety of donuts and coffees to choose from, mostly donuts. Like, if u like nuts, or maybe cheese, they'll probably have a few to choose from.
The donuts I like the most in J.Co is Hazel Dazzle, which is based chocolate with hazelnut chunks on top. And also Miss Green T, which is very obvious, green tea flavored...
Mona Pisa is a recent one in J.Co, which I really like it. It is like a ring-shaped pizza. Tomato, cheese and chicken sausage topping gives the pizza taste.

J.Co's coffees are good too, especially their mocha ice blend... D'lixious :P
Feeling hungry? Want some donuts and coffee? ... go to J.Co (link)

darrenlzh, votre ami

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