Friday, May 21, 2010

Facebookers' retardedness

Recently, if you guys had been facebooking 24/7, you'll sure notice something very irritating once you look at it. And yet, many of the facebookers LIKED it! WTH!!!
It's just some assholes trynna pass time and came out with all these fan pages, or should I call it IDIOT pages!
While I was scrolling down my homepage, I saw all these, and thought that it was just for fun. But as I scroll further there were more and more which made me go MAD!!! Am reading posts and yet disturbed by these eccentric stuff~

I mean, what's the point of doing this? If it was really just for fun, they could have typed it once instead of doing stupid things! Or could it mean that once I LIKED it, I 'm REALLY Awesome for 100 times? Bull crap!...
What about this? You'll turn into a fagot???
Okay, enough of talking bout these bullshit things. Yeah, just a Friday, where we had morning march past, break, lessons, extra classes, and, Sayfol International celebrated Teacher's Day today. Guess what, I overheard from one a those prefects, that this year, principal's only giving a budget of RM50.00 for Teacher's Day! WTF!!! How are they supposed to buy a gift for each teacher in Sayfol? I mean, was it enough for preschool up to secondary teachers? One word, so CHEAP!
Hey am not complaining, just sayin the truth.

Woah! I was thinkin, school just started for 3rd trimester like four weeks ago, and three more weeks I'll be sitting for exams T_T... Time really flies especially when nightmares draw near!!!
My friends wonder why is my name "Darren" and not "Daren"...

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