Monday, May 24, 2010

Déjà vu: in school

I had a deja vu today. Teacher was writing something on the board, as she was writing, I felt something very familiar. I've seen it before, but I know that I haven't though...

Once I realized that it was a deja vu, I feel strange, eerie, spooky... Whenever I had this kinda experience, I'll tremble and start thinking how deja vu actually works, which cuts me off from part of the lesson.

Had bloody hell march past today. But no worries, two more weeks and it'll be gone! Yea, sports day next Friday... I just do not understand why they want us to practice marching. I mean marching is like easy-as-abc. We can even do it during rehearsals. All these march past thing is a waste of time! Okay, it's late gonna go to bed now... :)

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