Monday, March 22, 2010

Sudden loneliness

I felt so lonely today on facebook~

I was at home, so bored to do nothing. Watched some movie, then go online. It was like 7:30 btw. I logged in to facebook and thought that I could find someone to chat with. I checked the Friends Online list~~~ NO ONE WAS ONLINE!!! I suddenly felt very lonely. I never have imagined that I would be alone on facebook! WTH~

I am very afraid of loneliness. I would never let myself be in status-alone. If I really am, I would call or text my friend, which will make them surprised like "oh, you have never called me before... what gave you that idea?", or maybe go online, facebook-ing, blogging, or just sleep!

The only thing to prevent loneliness is to make more friends...


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