Friday, March 5, 2010

The passion of reading

Have a passion of reading? Well admit it. If you're reading my post, that means you have a passion of reading...

What does 'read' really mean to you?

Reading can be the comprehensive way of understanding a passage, bunch of notes, a novel, newspapers and so on. It can also be a verb where you let another know what you're actually looking at. Let's make it clear, reading is nothing else, but just 'reading'.

What do we read? Newspapers? Magazines? Novels? Comics?

Reading newspapers, for some teenagers (me too), might be a little 'old-fashioned', but for some oldies, it is a part of their every day's routine. Why is it? Conquering of the e-news had made most of the people watch news online!

People always nag me to read the newspaper, The Star, New Straits Times or any other... I mean, is watching news online not reading? It's the same! You get everything same!

They said reading newspaper will improve your reading skills, especially in English (if your reading English news). But, how about on the internet? Isn't it helpful too? It is still in English, still the same, in rows, sentences of elaborating words...

Okay, enough of arguing...

I don't know where I get all my passions from. Passion of reading any wordy stuff - novels, but not school coursebooks. I just love them since small. I remembered I used have those picturesque pictured book which I don't know where is it now. They are so my half. I bring it along wherever I go.

Now, at this age, I slowly go into novels and mangas. Novels like mystery, horror, adventure, and some non-fictions. I love them all. But the problem is, I buy lots of 'em and I can't manage to read it all. Mangas! Mon favori! But not really crazy like them...

Reading is just my passion! I love reading! And I still believe that watching e-news is better than newspapers. It reduces paper wastage (although, I know they are from recycled paper, but most people just don't bother about recycling).

Note: I took the picture myself, so you'll notice some words on Economics :)

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