Saturday, February 6, 2010

Sharing The Secret

I am recently reading this book, The Secret to Teen Power, it is quite good - teaches you how to attract what you want with the Law of Attraction. It works like this: ask --> believe --> receive...

It attracts any stuff to you, whether is it good or bad. It just send what you asked for.

Before reading this book, I always think that anything happens in life is just coincidence, or, an accident or something else... But this book gave me an idea that the things that happen to me is what I asked for. I asked for it, I believe that it's true, and then I receive it. Similarly, if you're in a bad mood, you'll attract more bad things to you. So, you must stop feeling bad, but good.
Positive thinking also play a role in the Law of Attraction. You must think positive while attracting. Negative just make it worse. For e.g. I say 'I don't want slow connection' I continue saying it, and the result is, INTERNET CONNECTION SPEED: SLOW!

Ignore NOs, NOTs and DON'Ts. Instead of saying it 'I don't want slow connection', say it like this: 'The Internet connection is very fast!', believing it, what you receive will be, INTERNET CONNECTION SPEED: FAST
Start believing that you are a straight-A student, and you'll become one. Believe that your teacher will reduce your daily homework, and you'll have lots of time to facebook. Believe that your life is full of happiness, surprises, entertainment etc, and your life will be really fun!

Believe me, it really works - with the Law of Attraction. Ask, Believe, Receive. That's all I can say...

The Secret

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