Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Sharing The Secret: Study-for-exam tips

You know what is the common question people ask just a day before exams? "Hey, what's comin out for exam?" or "Hey did you study?"~ And, what is the commonest question people ask right after their paper is collected? "Hey what did you wrote for question 5?"

Do you know what people say just before their exam starts? "I'm so nervous..."~ And, what people say after exams? "OMG!!! I'm gonna fail!"

All these before-after exam statements are due to lack of confidence. They do not trust themselves, and asking people questions like, "did you study" and say "for sure I'll fail". Me too, I used to ask my friends, compare our answers or even think of I'm failing my test. Lack of confidence.

Do not ever possess these words in your mind. Don't think that you'll be failing, why not think for A's. Think high, picture it, what is it gonna be like if you get A grades? Proud?

The Law of Attraction just brings you what you asked for. You think of failing, then the Law of Attraction gives you a fail grade. Think A's, and it automatically gives you your A! That's because you asked for it!

Your feelings matter too. Be relaxed, even if you're studying. Put on some music while studying. Don't be nervous or stressed out for the exams. It won't help and just worsen your thoughts. Try to be as relaxed as you could while doing revision.

I'm studying for Economics and ICT right now. See? I'm still blogging now. Not like some nerds out there, they study like hell! Sitting in the room for the whole day? What for torture yourself? Just stay relaxed...

I got all these ideas from a book - The Secret - and share it with you guys... If you wanna know more about the book, click here.

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