Monday, February 22, 2010

Hatyai, Thailand Trip 2010

HEY GUYS! SAWADEEKAP~Yes! I'm back from a holiday in Thailand. The weather is so hot, but, food is good, shopping there is CHEAP! Of course! I bought lots of things, took lots of pictures. Generally, I'm freakin tired! And, I have to start my WEP tomorrow!

Seriously, I really took lots pictures, but I can't post it now... still transferring it to my pc. Well, uploading may take lots of time too! Okay, I'll just post it on facebook~ visit my profile~

Day 1 / 10 pm
took a double-deck bus to Hatyai for 8 hrs

Day 2 / 7 am
reached Hatyai - went to the Four Face Buddha, the GuanYin, the Buddha statue, and lots of temples - went for lunch...
3 pm
rest in hotel
6 pm
went to the floating market - bought d'lixious foods, drinks in bamboo - went for the Lantern Festival (which can only be visited during CNY)
visit the night market in Hatyai - eat again...

Day 3 / 7 am
visit Songklha, Samila Beach, 5km long Dragon, Mermaid statue, and tried the d'lixious local type of ice cream :P
2 pm
went to Washington Restaurant for lunch
4 pm
went to the mall - ate Swensen's ice cream - shop n shop
7 pm
went to a hotel for sky-dining on the 33rd floor
9 pm
shop in the night market

Day 4 - extended day / 12 pm
tried Mc Donald's Samurai Pork Burger, chicken ham pie - shop n shop n shop
3 pm
visit the famous market, where they are indoors and have no air-conditioning or fans! shop n shop n shop n shop
7 pm
have dinner in the night market
9 pm
shop n shop n shop n shop n shop

Day 5 / 11 am
took a VIP bus and head back to Kuala Lumpur~


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