Monday, February 22, 2010

Hatyai, Thailand Trip 2010

HEY GUYS! SAWADEEKAP~Yes! I'm back from a holiday in Thailand. The weather is so hot, but, food is good, shopping there is CHEAP! Of course! I bought lots of things, took lots of pictures. Generally, I'm freakin tired! And, I have to start my WEP tomorrow!

Seriously, I really took lots pictures, but I can't post it now... still transferring it to my pc. Well, uploading may take lots of time too! Okay, I'll just post it on facebook~ visit my profile~

Day 1 / 10 pm
took a double-deck bus to Hatyai for 8 hrs

Day 2 / 7 am
reached Hatyai - went to the Four Face Buddha, the GuanYin, the Buddha statue, and lots of temples - went for lunch...
3 pm
rest in hotel
6 pm
went to the floating market - bought d'lixious foods, drinks in bamboo - went for the Lantern Festival (which can only be visited during CNY)
visit the night market in Hatyai - eat again...

Day 3 / 7 am
visit Songklha, Samila Beach, 5km long Dragon, Mermaid statue, and tried the d'lixious local type of ice cream :P
2 pm
went to Washington Restaurant for lunch
4 pm
went to the mall - ate Swensen's ice cream - shop n shop
7 pm
went to a hotel for sky-dining on the 33rd floor
9 pm
shop in the night market

Day 4 - extended day / 12 pm
tried Mc Donald's Samurai Pork Burger, chicken ham pie - shop n shop n shop
3 pm
visit the famous market, where they are indoors and have no air-conditioning or fans! shop n shop n shop n shop
7 pm
have dinner in the night market
9 pm
shop n shop n shop n shop n shop

Day 5 / 11 am
took a VIP bus and head back to Kuala Lumpur~


Friday, February 12, 2010

Happy Chinese New Year!

Hey! Everyone must be busying cleaning the house or putting up red décos, write a perfect menu for Reunion Dinner or buy some snacks and sodas for Chinese New Year. Bought new clothes? Of course! It's like a tradition in Chinese culture. Everyone seems to be very busy these few days. Redecorate their houses, buy cartons of sodas and snacks. The main thing is, throwing away old stuffs... And, most of the people will be having Reunion Dinner today or tomorrow. I'll be having it today with my great grandma in Shangri-La, and tomorrow with my grandmother in some restaurant.

Two more days to Chinese New Year. Get loads of Ang Paos~ 新年快乐, 恭喜发财!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

End of nightmares~tomorrow!

Finished studying Chemistry, the last subject for the test week! I can't believe that I can finish Chemistry in just one hour! Like only two chapters, formulas, definitions, blaahh... And, today's test - Econnomics and ICT, are damn easy~ I just read through briefly yesterday, and I can do them.

Tomorrow will be the end of nightmares. I'll have to celebrate! But for some others, they still have assessments on Friday. Whatever! It's the end of my nightmare and I'm definitely gonna celebrate!!!

I'll do all of my best for tomorrow...


Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Sharing The Secret: Study-for-exam tips

You know what is the common question people ask just a day before exams? "Hey, what's comin out for exam?" or "Hey did you study?"~ And, what is the commonest question people ask right after their paper is collected? "Hey what did you wrote for question 5?"

Do you know what people say just before their exam starts? "I'm so nervous..."~ And, what people say after exams? "OMG!!! I'm gonna fail!"

All these before-after exam statements are due to lack of confidence. They do not trust themselves, and asking people questions like, "did you study" and say "for sure I'll fail". Me too, I used to ask my friends, compare our answers or even think of I'm failing my test. Lack of confidence.

Do not ever possess these words in your mind. Don't think that you'll be failing, why not think for A's. Think high, picture it, what is it gonna be like if you get A grades? Proud?

The Law of Attraction just brings you what you asked for. You think of failing, then the Law of Attraction gives you a fail grade. Think A's, and it automatically gives you your A! That's because you asked for it!

Your feelings matter too. Be relaxed, even if you're studying. Put on some music while studying. Don't be nervous or stressed out for the exams. It won't help and just worsen your thoughts. Try to be as relaxed as you could while doing revision.

I'm studying for Economics and ICT right now. See? I'm still blogging now. Not like some nerds out there, they study like hell! Sitting in the room for the whole day? What for torture yourself? Just stay relaxed...

I got all these ideas from a book - The Secret - and share it with you guys... If you wanna know more about the book, click here.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

quote of da day #12: DO YOUR BEST!

There is no trying. There is only doing or not doing.
Never say "I'll try my best". Only say "I'll do my best"!

So, I'll do my best in my assessment tomorrow, and also throughout the whole week! :)

qodd, darrenlzh


I went for a haircut today...How's it? Well, I think that it's better than my previous hairstyle. I know! This picture looks kinda retarded =.=

Vote for my new hairstyle on da poll!

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Sharing The Secret

I am recently reading this book, The Secret to Teen Power, it is quite good - teaches you how to attract what you want with the Law of Attraction. It works like this: ask --> believe --> receive...

It attracts any stuff to you, whether is it good or bad. It just send what you asked for.

Before reading this book, I always think that anything happens in life is just coincidence, or, an accident or something else... But this book gave me an idea that the things that happen to me is what I asked for. I asked for it, I believe that it's true, and then I receive it. Similarly, if you're in a bad mood, you'll attract more bad things to you. So, you must stop feeling bad, but good.
Positive thinking also play a role in the Law of Attraction. You must think positive while attracting. Negative just make it worse. For e.g. I say 'I don't want slow connection' I continue saying it, and the result is, INTERNET CONNECTION SPEED: SLOW!

Ignore NOs, NOTs and DON'Ts. Instead of saying it 'I don't want slow connection', say it like this: 'The Internet connection is very fast!', believing it, what you receive will be, INTERNET CONNECTION SPEED: FAST
Start believing that you are a straight-A student, and you'll become one. Believe that your teacher will reduce your daily homework, and you'll have lots of time to facebook. Believe that your life is full of happiness, surprises, entertainment etc, and your life will be really fun!

Believe me, it really works - with the Law of Attraction. Ask, Believe, Receive. That's all I can say...

The Secret

Friday, February 5, 2010

What I wanna get?

I'd just finished my Physics assessment today. SHIT! I totally screwed-up my Physics test! The last few questions about Jupiter, Io, and Moon... I mean, it's common sense, and I can't answer!

Let me just talk about WHAT I WANNA GET for my exams.

What I wanna get? A+, A, B, C, D or Fail? These grades are just letters which will appear in my exam report. This is what I thought at first... But, thinking deeply, these letters mean big! They're important and can 'beautify' my exam report! Fascinating! Exams are really, truly important for me. But I still agree with the fact that 'I hate assessments'. It is just a waste of time.

And, what I wanna get again?

Thursday, February 4, 2010

I have to study

I have to study. Physics assessment tomorrow, then the whole week of assessments. I don't know why the school wants us to do assessments. It's like a waste of time. Anyways I have to study too, or I'll fail my subjects... Wish me good luck!


Tuesday, February 2, 2010

What's up with this?

a screen-shot from facebook

Okay... Let's make it clear: Malaysia is hot & humid. I seriously don't like the weather here. I prefer cool climates. What makes me really want to leave is the hot & humid weather in Malaysia! Can't wait till graduation, I want it immediately! So what's that I want? Application to study in Canada. I have a choice: leave this September, or after graduation from Sayfol (one more year). Commentaire...

Monday, February 1, 2010

Hi February!

took this pic on Saturday night :)

Happy February, and Happy Federal Day

A very nice day to start a brand-new month - February. A very nice morning to start a one-day-holiday. Actually, there's nothing much special about Federal Day. It is just a memorial day for the City of Kuala Lumpur, when they announced KL as the capital city of Malaysia (at least this is what I know). The best thing is, we get a holiday!

The first day of the second month had just begun. I say Thank You because I finished January with no pain. I'll start my February with a smile :) , I'll say "thank you" and feel grateful for everything. I'll laugh more, talk more, exercise more, study more, think more, and be more happy. Have a very nice day! :)