Friday, November 26, 2010

A wish upon a star, or perhaps a moon?

The moon that night was hanging so low, and so huge. It's a rare one seen in Malaysia. You know, it used to be high up in da sky, so small and blah... can't describe it. Yeah. I made a wish then. You'll never know what i'd wished for. Of course, to stay healthy, happily, but instead of more of that, i wished i could see the same moon every month, like new moon, then crescent, then half moon, then full moon and all that.

Btw, it was a crescent moon that night, Nov 30. Ya know, like those moon-s in fairytales...

Hey! Soon, it's gonna be Christmas, again, i know. Christmas was just like yesterday. I went to Bangsar Shopping Center last Sunday, and there was already Christmas decorations, even earlier, Pavilion was a "WOW"!

I've got a wish-list already! Haha :D

Cheers, happy pre-Christmas, i don't know what am i talking...

Friday, November 19, 2010

quote of da day #18: May thou seek thy own happiness

"I believe that the very purpose of our life is to seek happiness."

- The Dalai Lama, spiritual leader

Sharing The Secret: Like Attracts Like

Do you know anything about The Secret? Well, you might have read my posts on the title, "Sharing The Secret", if you haven't, go read it now! Coz the following bulks of sentences may be related to this. Click here to read the post.

I'd been using this so called, Secret since last year, but nothing seems to be working. The usual procedure, ask, believe, receive, i followed it, but sometimes, i just don't get what i asked for. I always think that there might be some failure in the Law of Attraction or something. I couldn't get to understand it and finally gave up.

I did not know why i gave up so easily? I was completely irritated by these failures. But, recently, i was too bored to sit at home when i have no exams. I suddenly had the "passion" to re-read this book, "The Secret to Teenage Power". I read fresh-starting from page one. I tried to absorb em all this time. I read almost every sentence twice or more. I want to understand it more deeply.

And i learned bout the Secret 101, where they'll teach you how to use The Secret. I followed the steps, jot down all the things that i feel grateful for having it, on a piece a paper, a notebook or anything. Then, close my eyes and feel it, instead of just writing. Imagine or picture how i felt if i had my wishes granted.

I've tried, and it really works! See? How powerful is that force of Attraction, attracting things you asked for to you.

"We live in a universe in which there are laws, just as there is a law of gravity. If you fall off a building it doesn't matter if you're a good or a bad person, you're going to hit the ground."

- Michael Bernard Beckwith, The Secret

Yeah, basically, The Secret is all about feeling good, think more of positive thoughts and, like attracts like, positive thoughts attracts good stuff and vice versa. So, you have a choice right now, either to start thinking good thoughts or stick to your negative thinking. It's still your choice.

"The Law of Attraction is a law of nature. It is as impartial and impersonal as the law of gravity is. It is precise, and it is exact..."

- Rhonda Byrne, The Secret

"You let out your positive signals, and what you'll get back is what you asked for..."

The Secret

Cheers, hugs, and a hint of positiveness,

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

quote of da day #17: Love

"To love oneself is the beginning of a lifelong romance."

- Oscar Wilde - playwright, poet, author

Saturday, November 13, 2010

I want ma 2010 back!

one of ma sketches...

You know what i mean. Yeah, the year 2010 is already coming to an end! You'll not believe it when New Year's Day s like few days ago... Soon, it's gonna be Thanksgiving, then Christmas, then New Year, 2011! Everything s going too fast!

I was just sitting there, chewing a sandwich in Popeye's... I sat on the row table, lookin outside, and i was like OMG!, it's already November!

Yeah, basically that's it, i don't have much to blog today. Ciao!
Cheers and hugs,

Friday, November 12, 2010

What much more? Just relaxation!

yeah. this is how i was during and after exams...

It has been almost a month! I've been so lazy to blog especially when exams are nearing, I'm just too bored to blog my stuff. But, now, exams kinda over, two more papers, one next Friday and one on the following Monday! Technically, I've finished all ma Science subjects, all are left is Malay Language and ICT! WOOHOO!!! I have a week's holiday in between...

A post-exam period is said to be not really "after" without planning-s... SO, I bet the 6Tulips are "brian-storming" on the problems of coming here and going there... Right? And, I'll be here happily waiting for a conclusion. ;D

I'm sooo damned looking forward to the end of da first se
mester of school! Then, I get the holidays, but again, boredom is the issue. Not actually. With my mac, i can still live :D
And, there are so damn lot o things i want to do when EXAMS are right over!!! So, i'll start ma day.. tomorow! XD

it's like everything after exams!

It's late, and am tired coz i just had like four hours of sleep last night!...

Tuesday, October 12, 2010


Yr 11 of 2010/2011 - overloaded.
My class, Yr 11A- hyper-active.

It's a real serious problem in my class. All of em are like "don't mind, don't care" kinda attitude. What? This is the fourth time, Ms. Tapscott is giving us advice, telling us to start studying and stuff, and that, or we'll regret... Yeah, I mean, I know what I'm doing, at least.

People tend to be hyper-active like everyday, I don't know, this is what I saw today. Some of em are talking gray crap, some were like making noise da whole day. One or two do not even bother to study, I think? And there's always this Iranian guy, who is smart enough to always mention that, and admit that he's Russian? What's wrong with these guys? Plus, he's damn good in Chemistry and Pure Math... Well, I may believe him, but you know, the way he's showing it s like trying to spread communism?... I don't know, and don't care... And the funny thing is, I remembered it was the first trimester of 2009/2010, when he assume that he has an American accent when he was speaking in pure, and tongue-rolling Persian accent. Stupid rite? Some people just like to talk crap!

Yeah, this is basically yr 11A, which made our present English teacher, and also our former class teacher go crazy. She's hyper too! Gave us so many writings to do when we are studying like hell everyday!

And, yr 11s were complained by several teachers too, that we're not serious enough for our IGCSEs and stuff. I think that it's due to the population...

And, there's twenty-six days left to my Mock Exams! Wish Me Luck, again!

Monday, October 11, 2010

Hundred-and-ninety-six days left!

It's been a long time. Like, a month...

Btw, PMR takers, how was it?
I can be relaxin too, but now i'm not.
I can be day-dreamin, sittin there doin nothin,
But now i'm studyin....

I really need a brush-up for Chemistry and Economics, and Pure Mathematics too. You know, Pure Math seems to be very easy when in the first few parts of a topic. As it goes deeper, it drastically becomes harder!

Plus, Mock Exams are like in four weeks time, i.e., twenty-eight days! Trials seems to be way far, like, some four months, i.e., sixteen weeks!, iow, a hundred-and-twelve days! AND IGCSE s in some six to seven months!, i.e., twenty-eight weeks!, iow, hundred-and-ninety-six days!!! |:S

Yeah, basically, it's a summary of my up-and-coming exams...

Okay, seriously, i'm not in a mood to blog now. Ciao!
Wish Me Luck :)


Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Thunder 'ROARS'

I was on my way to school this morning. From distance, I saw lightning but did not hear any thunder, thought it was far away. I hoped it would rain once I arrived school, so that there'll be no morning assembly. Haha, I just don't like standing out there for 10 minutes, waiting for those teachers to finish taking our attendance, or waitin for those bastards to get into their lines. You know, I just don't understand them. They can understand English, they have brains, and yet, they still want to waste more time out there.

I hoped it rained this morning, coz I just like to hear the sound of raindrops hitting the roof top...
I was waitin the whole day for a down pour of water from the sky, but there was no rain at all! Disappointed.

I used to think that the thunder rolled because God was angry, lightning strike because... God was angry too :P Until I grew up and found out that it wasn't God who made all these, they're natural phenomena. Ahah... childish thinking was really different from what we think now. And I want more pouring of rain coz the weather here is getting more humid everyday! I don't know, maybe it's because in the city, more CO2 is given out than in the country. I stepped out of school and immediately, I was sweating like hell! I just can't stand it!

Well, tomorrow's Malaysia Day, I don't know what exactly it is, just a public holiday in Malaysia, HAPPY HOLIDAYS! Cheers, darren.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

IGCSE in 8 months!

Wow, time flies. I am fifteen now. Just celebrated my birthday yesterday in some steak house. I'm growing older and older, and IGCSE is in 8 months time. But mock exams will be in 8 more weeks! So packed-up! I'm gonna speed up my revision, and there are lots of past-year-papers to do... I have to be stressful in order to get good grades? TOUGH LOTS!!!

Despite of all that stress I'd imagine of, I really look forward to the public holiday on Thursday. Though it's just a day, it still make a difference. Like I can sleep late or sumthin... Or maybe go onto facebook and wish someone happy bday or just say hello. Seriously, I found many of my friends have their birthdays in September. and guess what, my birthday wishes on facebook increased some 50%! I think it's the birthday reminder thing which helps...

Torture myself and ending up hugging good grades? Absolutely right! Just stay in "hell" for like 2 more months and I'll achieve.. rite? Then few more months again, and that's all. summer break again. I'm so sick looking forward to it! Hey year 11 is fun! Only two semesters. then college... and all that futuristic stuff… btw, good luck PMR-takers!!! bonne chance

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Back to school!

Hey guys... Long time, long summer, long...blah... School's starting soon, and it's real soon, like one more day! I can't believe that summer's ending that fast! I've got many things to do when school starts. Like organize my books, get some new pens or pencils... I just wished that time wil freeze at this time. I want more holidays! Plus, I checked my school calendar, WTF! Exams are so soon... It's like on November!!! Another thing I've got to do when school starts is, STUDY HARDER. I say that always... I know, that photo look kinda childish :)

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Hey, long time

Hey blog buddies, I know it's been a long time, but I'm just too lazy and there's nothing much to blog about. Holidays never seem to be much different from normal schooling days except for no homework, exams and stuff. Staying at home everyday is like making me go crazier and crazier... My "Summer Awesomeness" seems to be already becoming "Summer Boringness"... But, yeah, I am having tuition for Pure Math an
d Chemistry during this summer and I'm definitely gonna BRUSH UP for next academic's IGSCE! This is the only way to keep me from those boredom I face at home.

I wished that there could be more releasing of GREAT MOVIES this summer! So that I can get a chance to go out during weekends! Btw, have you guys
watched Inception? It's DAMN GOOD! I like it especially the dream-designing. If only that could happ
en in reality. The Sorcerer's Apprentice was also good, but not as good as Inception.

I found Starbucks as my favorite place to have a drink. I like their iced chocolate. It's good. Try it. CHEERS, darren.

yes. i edited this photo with iPhoto :)

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Check out my tumblr page!

Hey guys! I created a tumblr page like few months ago, and I didn't have time to learn how to use it. But I found it very fun especially when posting quotes or share pictures I like on tumblr. So, generally, my blogspot is only for LONG posts, and tumblr is where I share photos, quotes, website and etc! And, you should try out tumblr, it's kinda fun :)

... and, check out my page, SimpleAnagrams

cheers for all,

Monday, July 5, 2010

Facebook's retardedness

It's really disappointing! Damn facebook blocked me from adding friends! It was few days ago, and till now I was not unblocked yet... Why do they want to set up all these bloody security blocks when they know that I did not do anything which matches the above abusive behavior?? Well, maybe they don't know that... But they should have control on it, like they stated that it is machine operated and the facebook developers can't do anything to it. Blah blah blah... See how innocent am I? I did not mean to behave in any annoying or abusive manner to others, and ended up being blocked by a machine, causing inconvenience??!!!

I admit that facebook is really good than any other social pages, but this is what I don't like - facebook's retardedness~

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Summer Awesomeness

Hey blog buddies hows it goin lately? Yeah I don't have time to blog for the past four weeks because the Final Examinations were commenced. And, finally, I finished my exams with no pain today, coz my last one was Malay. Malay was so easy! Like primary work. Two compositions, one vocab section and two comprehensions. That's why I finished my exams with no pain today. But no pain no gain... I have to admit that PAIN has followed me throughout the four weeks! I hope I gained at least :)

I'm planning my summer vacation now... Two months break, I think it's too much, but not enough, too, at the same time. But what I said PLAN is, to hangout with friends. I thought of working part-time too, but I know, working is tough job! I have to try it though coz the Work Experience thing last trimester was very not-serious kinda attitude... Meanwhile, I just wanna relax and enjoy my few days of break while some of em are still having exams.

Summer break is all about F.U.N.

Do you agree with that? Or you prefer WORK, SUMMER SCHOOLS, blah blah blah...

What is unfair, in the US, summer break literally means LONG VACATION, and their summer break has started, I think. It's like three months, 100+ days. Why do I have only two months, or less than two months, like seven weeks???
Education system is different.

Hey and I found iPhoto very interesting. Lots of functions in it like tagging people, making albums, like real albums, card designing etc. iMovie is also cool! Edit videos like a pro... Especially iTunes, love the iTunes store so much! I know! I've been using Mac for like a couple of years and I never touched these apps before! NEVER EVER TOUCHED! Until few weeks ago, I saw some tutorials in and tried it out! SO COOOL!


Friday, June 25, 2010

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Lady Gaga-ness of Bad Romance

Je veux ton amour, et je veux ton revenge
Je veux ton amour, I don't wanna be friends...

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

quote of da day #16: Never Give Up

Never Give Up No Matter What

N'Abandonnez Jamais

Nunca Te Rindas



포기하지 않는다는


Sunday, June 6, 2010

Discover the other part of Indo-china

Hey blog buddies, I was just very lazy to complete my last post. But when it comes to traveling, nothing will make me feel lazy, nothing at all. I am in Hatyai, Thailand, walking through night markets, feeling the hot sun, eating delicious but sometimes disgusting food and stuff like that... Well what I like about Thailand is their warm welcome-ness (if this is what u call it), their language-I like the tone of their speech...

What makes a country famous is, of course their people and their cultures which includes food, historic places etc. Thai's are friendly beings... Although its very humid in Hatyai, I still enjoy the heat sometimes. Very developed countries, you can only find taxis, or cabs... But in Thailand, a developing nation as it is, there are taxis, and also some public vehicles so called "too-toot che". You can see it in this picture, the red one. It's a mini-van-like vehicle which acts like a public cab. Passengers are allowed to sit at the back of the van, opened aired. The same, it brings u wherever u wanna go...

We took off from KL at 1 am on Sunday, and arrived at Kayu Hitam at around 5 am. I was surprised when I was there in the morning. The sky was already very bright at around 430 am... And yeah, they have less dark hours, and more day time. I wonder how can they have enough sleep?...

Im going back to KL tomorrow... Time flies when I am having fun...

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Today was Sports Day

The 25th Sayfol Annual Sports was KUHRAYZAYEE!!! Clover house got the champion this year....too bad Marigold got nothing in first place. I marched, forced to, but like it. The first 10 minutes, there was some sign of raining. But it grew heavier as we were marching, but didn't last long though. Yeah, same oldie routines which were done every year. Games oath, a must, changing of baton, and an "Olympic" feel torch lighting... Yes, same old routines as I said, even those sound effects were the same! WTF!

And, hey I found it very boring and lazy to blog when you have nothing to blog about... Exams are near, think you guys are not gonna hear from me for a couple a weeks. Wish me LUCK &... CHEERS :)

Monday, May 31, 2010

food of da day: Kampachi, a Japanese fine dining

レストラント <勘八> 日本料理の最もよい場所






Had dinner in KAMPACHI @ Pavilion... The food there is soo nice!!! Only if u like Japanese cuisines~~
前菜 Appetizer

1, 2, & 4

メインコース Main Course

5 & 6

デザート Dessert

アイスクリーム ice creams

飲料 Drink

緑茶 green tea (pot)

*(I don't know the lot number. If your searching for it, inquire the info desk...)


Monday, May 24, 2010

Déjà vu: in school

I had a deja vu today. Teacher was writing something on the board, as she was writing, I felt something very familiar. I've seen it before, but I know that I haven't though...

Once I realized that it was a deja vu, I feel strange, eerie, spooky... Whenever I had this kinda experience, I'll tremble and start thinking how deja vu actually works, which cuts me off from part of the lesson.

Had bloody hell march past today. But no worries, two more weeks and it'll be gone! Yea, sports day next Friday... I just do not understand why they want us to practice marching. I mean marching is like easy-as-abc. We can even do it during rehearsals. All these march past thing is a waste of time! Okay, it's late gonna go to bed now... :)

Friday, May 21, 2010

Facebookers' retardedness

Recently, if you guys had been facebooking 24/7, you'll sure notice something very irritating once you look at it. And yet, many of the facebookers LIKED it! WTH!!!
It's just some assholes trynna pass time and came out with all these fan pages, or should I call it IDIOT pages!
While I was scrolling down my homepage, I saw all these, and thought that it was just for fun. But as I scroll further there were more and more which made me go MAD!!! Am reading posts and yet disturbed by these eccentric stuff~

I mean, what's the point of doing this? If it was really just for fun, they could have typed it once instead of doing stupid things! Or could it mean that once I LIKED it, I 'm REALLY Awesome for 100 times? Bull crap!...
What about this? You'll turn into a fagot???
Okay, enough of talking bout these bullshit things. Yeah, just a Friday, where we had morning march past, break, lessons, extra classes, and, Sayfol International celebrated Teacher's Day today. Guess what, I overheard from one a those prefects, that this year, principal's only giving a budget of RM50.00 for Teacher's Day! WTF!!! How are they supposed to buy a gift for each teacher in Sayfol? I mean, was it enough for preschool up to secondary teachers? One word, so CHEAP!
Hey am not complaining, just sayin the truth.

Woah! I was thinkin, school just started for 3rd trimester like four weeks ago, and three more weeks I'll be sitting for exams T_T... Time really flies especially when nightmares draw near!!!
My friends wonder why is my name "Darren" and not "Daren"...

Monday, May 17, 2010

food of da day: J.CO Donuts & Coffee™, donut experience

Hey blog buddies, have u heard of J.Co? Or maybe u haven't, it is a cafe selling donuts and coffee. The best thing is, they have a large variety of donuts and coffees to choose from, mostly donuts. Like, if u like nuts, or maybe cheese, they'll probably have a few to choose from.
The donuts I like the most in J.Co is Hazel Dazzle, which is based chocolate with hazelnut chunks on top. And also Miss Green T, which is very obvious, green tea flavored...
Mona Pisa is a recent one in J.Co, which I really like it. It is like a ring-shaped pizza. Tomato, cheese and chicken sausage topping gives the pizza taste.

J.Co's coffees are good too, especially their mocha ice blend... D'lixious :P
Feeling hungry? Want some donuts and coffee? ... go to J.Co (link)

darrenlzh, votre ami

Friday, May 14, 2010

Mind full of positive charges

Not everything can change everything... But there is something that can change everything...that is MORE POSITIVENESS!!!

So, exactly how many of u blog readers had actually tried out ma advices? Like be thankful, think positive, appreciating and so on...? If you've not, do it now! Tell u, it's true. It really works! Just practice more SECRETS, and what you'll gain is what you've asked for.

The aggressiveness of someone to do something he/she wanted to do, like to aim for a goal or sumthin, it doesn't just rely on your potential but also your existence of your mind. What you think is also a great influence on what you do. I've tried it before...

I studied everythin before exam, confidently relaxing. While sitting down, I keep on thinking, what if I failed my exams? I am nervous, I don't wanna fail! and sort of thoughts like that. You know, this would even worsen your current mood and naturally become nervous and negative! Avoid those what-ifs and don't s. You studied months before exams, you were well prepared, you are confident, and don't let those negative thoughts disturb your present mind. The only way is to stay relaxed, be happy, think of positive what if I ace? Will I get rewarded by the principal? Mom? Certificates? iPhone? Think of all these, it'll be nicer!

Okay, back to more personal...

I saw some charts in some year 9 classrooms during activities, it was mostly about Geography, Integrated Science, Languages and sort of things. I started missing those lower secondary school days... I missed Geography lessons, History, and Literature. But honestly, I don't like either of them. That's why I don't take these in Year 10. Well, nothing much interesting happened today... Think um gonna go now...and have a cup o chocolat du lait... Au revoir!

darrenlzh, votre ami

Wednesday, May 12, 2010


Another tiring day, had march-past in the morning, 6 hours of school plus extra classes... Really energy consumptive. Same school days when teachers will shout at us like mad creatures, she's really nuts! The signboard in the hall way wrote "SILENCE! Year 11 exams commencing", and yet, she burst into our class and started yelling. Not enough! She enter next door class an did the same thing! What's wrong with her?? Doesn't she knew that Year 11s are having their exams?
Urgh! March-past made me go mad! We do it everyday, and it's like EVERYDAY!!! Curse you march-past!!!The only way for me to relax is, no, actually I have many ways, like shut everything and turn on my iPod or radio, tune on ma favorite musica and enjoy... If I found chocolates in the fridge I'll take 'em all and enjoy it infront TV. What a day! I'll call it. Indulged in the world of silence, peace, relaxation, chocolates, and nothing else... This is what I treat myself when I get tired, frustrated, stressed-out, and anything that changes ma mood~

And, yea, um recently doing some English project, or call it a documentary presentation. It's like some topic on MATERIALISM, but I don't really understand this word, I mean understanding deeply. Generally, it's about interviewing consumers out there in the malls on this topic, like why they choose to buy expensive goods with good quality rather than cheap ones with cheap quality... Gonna do it this Saturday, haha and before that um gonna watch Iron Man 2, many of them said it's good! Yea I know! It's like so late!!! Okay I think um gonna stop here. Ciao. Happy Wednesday!


Monday, May 10, 2010

Cheshire cat

I was on my way to school by car this morning, about 6.30, when it was still dark... I looked up in the night sky, and saw a crescent moon. The first thing I thought of was the Cheshire cat in Alice in Wonderland. The character I liked most in this movie is the cat, so calm and smart, so watchful and mystery, like you never know where it goes...
Teachers are going mad in school.. I don't know whether is it because of the students misbehaving?
The teachers are like mad maniacs shouting and scolding us continuously in class today. One another, one after another, the teachers came into our class and started yelling at us~ Just because of those bunch of idiots, we get scolded, and almost didn't get the notes teacher gave... Those not-cared about studying can just continue sitting there while we go forward and she dictate those notes.

Not trying to insult the back-of-class crew, they usually make the most trouble out of anything... Now I know why the teachers go mad, and our class became one of the most NASTY class of all year 10!

Friday, May 7, 2010

La vie d'un petit ananas

Have u ever seen pineapples like this? Small and doesn't last long... Well, maybe u have seen it before somewhere, but for those who haven't, continue reading :)

This is my "petit ananas", little pineapple in French. I bought this little theng in one of the night markets in Taiwan. Petit ananas, I've heard of it for the first time. This lil' pineapple is like a miniature of those edible pineapples we used to eat. It has everything similar to the pineapples except that, we can't eat em. It has a fragrance smell that, I think a real pineapple wouldn't have. As it grows riper, the smell would be nicer, but as it become fully ripened, it'll go smaller and just go dry... Yes, it is smaller than before now, and I have to cut it off and replant the top part to give it a life cycle~~ And it takes nine months to grow again... I'll have to wait~

It rained heavily just now, and I love the after-rain feeling, so cool and fresh!

Just like the petit ananas, the cycle of a day works just the same, but only it takes a shorter time to finish a cycle. A life cycle makes the lil pineaple valuable, so do the cycle of a day. Sometimes, we may have enjoyed a day without pain, and look forward for another same day; and sometimes we may not enjoy the day and asked for a time reverse - which will never ever happen in real life... Value everyday when time passes, and look forward for a brand new day when time passed.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Lunch in Tanjong Sepat

What a great Saturday! Today I went to Tanjong Sepat for lunch with my family, it's like some family lunch... So do remember, that today was Labor's Day, most of the family members were there. We had lunch at some restaurant without conditioning, at the beach, and the food was not at all delicious?... Well although the food sucks but I really enjoy the beach-view and cool breezes there. After lunch, we did some really Chinese-family-gathering thingy, like going to the beach for a walk, going to places like the fungi plantation center, and some other places which I can't remember what are their names...
It took like an hour to come back to KL, and I spended the whole day in the mall. Goin to the mall, I really felt much better, not like in those hot and humid place... That's why I like goin to malls...

here are some pics i took in Tanjong Sepat~

i know! the scenery is damn nice! it's in low tide~...and some cows grazing on the road...

Monday, April 26, 2010


the Japanese exterior (a combination of traditional and modern)
full interior view
entering the Japanese zen garden...
fish pond
you can sit in the garden... watch the fishes while waiting for a seat

walk up to 2nd floor through the stairs (lounge, arcade, restrooms, dining place)

Japanese cuisine... sashimi, sushi and more...
the sushi bar - showing off royal dishes~

why not sit in the lounge while waiting for empty seats?
tired of sitting there and wait? have some fun in our arcade room!

zen-ish restrooms

Rate and give comments on my Japanese-themed restaurant!

visit YAMI SUSHI now!

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Taiwanese English

Another ID10Tic spelling mistake I found...

not this.. the one below \/

spotted it?

I know... they must have known that they're having soap instead of soup.... LOL

Friday, April 23, 2010

Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Hey blog buddies :) good news to ya' all! I'd just finished uploading my photos taken in Taiwan :)) Go to my facebook profile and have a look~ click here leave comments!

And, yes about the volcano eruption thingy... It really scares me. I saw the pictures, like the volcano eruptions in the movie 2012~ I do not believe in 12-21-12, but one of my friends convinced me. First was Haiti, then snow storm in North China, plus I saw the big waves when I was in Taiwan which made me fear of tsunami, and then the non-stop eruptions of volcano Eyjafjallajokull in Iceland. Have a look at some of these violent eruptions...

more global warming

helpful links:
click here to read the full news
click here for alternate link