Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Christmas Mystery Miracle

Another peaceful day in my town. Last year, what I remembered, the neighborhood was filled with Christmas spirit! Parties, gatherings in the park, children playing... This Christmas, it was totally different. Plus I had fever. I didn't see parties, no people walking around during Eve. All houses were lights-out. Weird.

I thought, supposedly, everyone in town went to KL. And of course, KL is the only nightlife city (not 100%, but better than any towns) in M'sia, so there will be countdowns... There were! on 24th.

The next day, 25th, I barely can stand up. Again, the town was still in silence. I can hardly see a shadow... I thought for the second time, "all of them must be in KL, shopping..." It's Christmas! The Christmas Sale must have attracted them.

I recovered on 26th. I watch the news on TV. A picture of KL. Jalan Ampang of KL. The busiest road in KL. WAS EMPTY!!! Not even a car was on the road. And Goodness it was taken by a traffic cam on 25th Dec!

Where could the people had been? The North Pole?

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