Tuesday, September 29, 2009

the ghostly talk...

-Do you believe in ghosts?
-No... I don't.

Well, there are many of them who really really think that ghosts does exist!
I heard of many ghost sightings, especially in the abandoned places, graveyards, or even in toilets.
Many ghost stories only involved in these few places. Why? only to make the scene scarier...
I do believe in ghosts when I was still small - because small kids are being too easy to believe what other people said...

I enjoyed reading ghost stories book, especially the TSGS (true Singapore ghost stories), which I don't know whether is it true...

...if someone is scared of ghosts, he/she must be doing a lot of sin... (a Chinese saying)
平时不做亏心事, 半夜鬼来也不惊。。。

so... do you believe in ghosts???


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