Thursday, December 31, 2009

A partial lunar eclipse is expected to happen this Friday (Jan 1) from 1.17am to 5.28am.

Happy New Year!!!!

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

New Year's Miracle

I talked about a Christmas Mystery Miracle in my last post, and today, a New Year's Miracle but not a mystery...

Two more days to New Year, and here I wish all of you a Happy New Year! I just read the news over the internet, and
found out that there will be a half Lunar Eclipse on New Year's Eve, and a "Blue Moon" on New Year's Day. Cool. Blue Moon= don't expect it to be blue... it just mean a second moon.

It says that the Blue Moon on New Year's Day only appears every 19 years! So, don't miss that or you'll have to wait till 2028...

2028?What if 2012 is for real? So... DO NOT MISS THIS!

Blue Moon
Date: 1 Jan 2010
Place: anywhere outdoor

Lunar Eclipse

Date: 31 Dec 2009
Place: anywhere outdoor

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Christmas Mystery Miracle

Another peaceful day in my town. Last year, what I remembered, the neighborhood was filled with Christmas spirit! Parties, gatherings in the park, children playing... This Christmas, it was totally different. Plus I had fever. I didn't see parties, no people walking around during Eve. All houses were lights-out. Weird.

I thought, supposedly, everyone in town went to KL. And of course, KL is the only nightlife city (not 100%, but better than any towns) in M'sia, so there will be countdowns... There were! on 24th.

The next day, 25th, I barely can stand up. Again, the town was still in silence. I can hardly see a shadow... I thought for the second time, "all of them must be in KL, shopping..." It's Christmas! The Christmas Sale must have attracted them.

I recovered on 26th. I watch the news on TV. A picture of KL. Jalan Ampang of KL. The busiest road in KL. WAS EMPTY!!! Not even a car was on the road. And Goodness it was taken by a traffic cam on 25th Dec!

Where could the people had been? The North Pole?

Thursday, November 12, 2009


Finally, I have time to climb up and post something to the blog.

So tired today laa.. Just finished my FIRST exam..
but no worries for tomorrow's... it is just English and Malay which idc! Can even do it with eyes closed!! XD

ah.. getting tired here! ALL DA BEST to all SAYFOLIANS!!!

Sunday, November 8, 2009



I couldn’t think of anything more to write today.

Just posting here to pass time…

And, today is a really peaceful day in my town. A beautiful day, I could say…

Well, I tried to study my ICT today, but…

I cannot concentrate today… don't know why?

Relaxed now… Not aware of any up-coming examinations… LOL

Just a RANDOM post! XD


Saturday, November 7, 2009

quote of da day #8


Live happy, even when Life is short…

reflection day of August 18 2009

It happened again.

Two months ago, I posted something about THOUGHTS...

It thundered and rained heavily while writing that post. That feeling was like as if I'm dying-today...END OF THE WORLD

The loud thundering and heavy rain lasted bout an hour today...

I was facebook-ing and suddenly lightning flashed and thunder striked the whole town.

The scene was way... scarier than in August 18...

jumped up from my chair.

Do you really believe what the people predicted-2012 is the Endoftheworld?

Personally, I don't possess my mind in it...

If it is so, I'll face it...

What's the big deal? Any living things will die one day...

Live happy, even when Life is short…


Friday, November 6, 2009

quote of da day #7

Life is like a roller coaster. There are times when you are up, and times when you are down. You can either dread the journey or learn to enjoy every moment of it. THE CHOICE IS YOURS...
this is my favorite quote

Monday, November 2, 2009

the EXAM fear!

We fear...

You scared what?
Only exam maahh...
Study hard lah!
Dont last minute study!
this is what I always heard...

Then slowly, I realized that what they said is TRUE...

s'kyu me,
still blogging ahh?
You tomolo have exam... if you take ZERO EGG, I'll cane you!

I think the EXAM FEAR is not because of EXAMS... it is because of the results!!
haha XD

Monday, October 12, 2009

Le monde de Noir et Blanc...

Life is full with colors... Is it nice when life is dull?


seul Noir et Blanc

walk around the world... see... feel.. listen... everything is colorful

imagine one day, or don't even imagine, everything you see becomes Black and White...

*~* Dull doesn't make you Happy, Color your Life *~*


Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Monday, October 5, 2009

Dragon appeared in Mid-autumn

the ones who saw this, believed that it is a Dragon which appears in Mid-autumn...
Sharpen your eyes... coz it's not so clear in the night.

The Autumn Night + the strange pattern in the sky....

I went to my cousin's house during mid-autumn day.
We had a lot of mooncakes! YUM =P

lit candles...

and.... the strange pattern in the sky... see the line in the sky??
actually, it was very clear when the sky is still bright...
but it became darker at 7 and it was not so clear anymore... =(
check out the video I posted!!!


Saturday, October 3, 2009


Hey, it is Mid-Autumn! Have some d'lixious mooncakes...

-------------------* * * *
----------------*--Happy---- *
--------------* ------Mid-------- *
--------------* ----Autumn-----*
--------------- *------------*
-------------------* * * *

May all of u have a peaceful mid-autumn night, and try mooncakes! They are d'lixious!!!



Wednesday, September 30, 2009

quote of da day #4

Life is like a piano...what you get out of it, depends on how you play it... :D

It's a funny feeling!

30th September 2009 05:13:17 pm

I don't know why... whenever it is the first or the last day of the month, I will feel happy throughout the day! Not like really happy feelings, but just feel GOOD. But of course! During Haloween the 31st, it is unnecessary to feel good... it spooks me! However, Haloween is not the creepiest of all... The HUNGRY GHOST MONTH in the Lunar 7th month is the worst... the whole month (which is September) doesn't seem to be nice... it just ended two weeks ago.

But feeling good is my OWN and PERSONAL thoughts...
The school teachers wouldn't know that I feel good... AND THEY GAVE LOADS OF HOMEWORK!!!

Well, if I have a choice, I would only feel GOOD throughout my whole life :)

FEEL Good, LIVE Good

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

the ghostly talk...

-Do you believe in ghosts?
-No... I don't.

Well, there are many of them who really really think that ghosts does exist!
I heard of many ghost sightings, especially in the abandoned places, graveyards, or even in toilets.
Many ghost stories only involved in these few places. Why? only to make the scene scarier...
I do believe in ghosts when I was still small - because small kids are being too easy to believe what other people said...

I enjoyed reading ghost stories book, especially the TSGS (true Singapore ghost stories), which I don't know whether is it true...

...if someone is scared of ghosts, he/she must be doing a lot of sin... (a Chinese saying)
平时不做亏心事, 半夜鬼来也不惊。。。

so... do you believe in ghosts???


Monday, September 14, 2009

My 14th BiRTHDAY!

W i S H Y O U A V E R E E E E E . . . . . .

H A P P Y B i R T H D A Y_!_!_!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

quote of da day #2

In life, what sometime appears to be the end is really a new beginning .......

Saturday, September 5, 2009

thankful :P

every morning I brush my teeeeth
every morning I drink a cup of milk
every morning I will have sandwiches
every morning I say thank you...

be thankful, say at least a 'thank you' in a day, no matter how busy or how lazee you are...

be grateful for the things you have, or once had...

everyday, I say THANK YOU!!!

thank you
감 사 함 니 다


Friday, September 4, 2009

The Glass-like-Life

It will easily break if it falls...

The same thing like me, if I run out to the road now and stand and wait for a car to hit me, I'll die ...

"why are human beings created? We are being created because to learn how to face problems ourselves, to control ourselves. What we can do is think!" (anonymous)

I can be very suspicious on anything around me.
I think before I do, this is what they taught me...
It just makes life easier......

like the 'polka-water'

I create my own day, how I want it to be:
colorful, dull, happy, sad, exciting, surprising, evil???

I created my day today, and it goes on well.



all the best from,
darrenlzh :)

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Your Thoughts Change Your Day...

I was looking outside the window. I slowly noticed that the sky was getting darker and darker...
Lightnings flashing and thunders echoed the city. The scene was very like an 'End of the World' movie
People running under the dark sky in search for a 'shelter'.
I noticed that the thundering had last for about 5 minutes. After a moment, it continued and it was even louder than before.
I started to think, 'what if the World really ends today? What will happen after that? What will destroy the Earth? Will a black-hole drain us all?'
CRAZY thoughts began to appear in my head. I was not nervous... but imaging pictures.
Nobody can expect what will happen the next day. We can't predict, but we can make the day happen...
YES!!! I remembered a book I read, it says the same thing to.
I immediately stop thinking NEGATIVE thoughts, but POSITIVE.
The thundering will be over soon, followed by a heavy rain, and everything will be normal again......
Tomorrow will be a better day! I said.
SO, stop thinking NEGATIVE thoughts right now... if you are! Change the thoughts, and everything will be FINE...