Saturday, December 1, 2012

December it is

I am in dilemma. Yes, it's already December, that means, 2012 is coming to an end, and there comes another new year. I feel like I haven't accomplished most of the stuff I wanted to do before the year ends, or simply putting it, I have't done anything rather productive! What on Earth was I doing during the past eleven months?

They said the world will end this December on the 21st. That did not frighten me. The only thing I'm afraid of is not finishing my list of things to do for the year. Time flew by so, so, so quickly that I thought I just woke up yesterday to the year 2012! Nonetheless, I'll keep doing whatever it takes to check my soon-to-be 2013 to-do list. Until now, I'm just clueless, CLUELESS.

Assignments to be done, and finals coming up, I am exhausted. I guess it's mostly due to the fact that I procrastinate a lot, like really, a lot. I keep telling myself to get up and work but something deep inside me, the deep unconscious mind, is telling me to relax. That's really bad, I know. But I just couldn't help it. So, what resulted now is loads of work waited to be completed.

I wanna brush up my French. That was the first thing I told myself, in fact, I jot it down on my checklist in BOLD. But what I got now, almost eleven months later was, nothing. My French did not get any better, however it got worse. I'd forgotten most of the vocab I've learned. Sad isn't it? Nonetheless it's really hard to master a language when you don't have someone to speak to. Like any other languages. And this thing is definitely gonna make its second appearance on the checklist for 2013 again.

And I think that is also one of the main reasons I wanted to study in Montreal, Canada. They speak French and English there, fair enough, they have relatively low tuition compared to France and the U.S., and the cost of living is just fairly lower than in Europe. However they have an accent, which I kind of like. Unlike French French, Quebec French is more rustic, I would say, or sound more lazy and rural, just like how Malaysian/Singaporean Chinese differs from Chinese Chinese. Like major differences in pronunciation in a way that the French French wouldn't comprehend their Canadian counterparts.

Other than that, just some stuff related to college or myself down the list. Omfg.

Peace out :)

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Things change, changes things

Yup. I was just here talking about Starbucks and the other day I went and found something rather astonishing, and unfortunate, and creepy like they've heard what I said. "Seats are for Starbucks customers only", when I saw this I was like "Oh God Why", ya know the meme.

Things happen to change somewhere in between the period of our lifetime. Like how they'd decided to throw people out when you don't buy their stuff. I've grown taller than ever, having people to wonder what I've done to myself during my years in high school. I became more confident with myself and sure of my goals I have to meet. I changed my computer platform from Windows XP to a Macintosh during school. I had my hairstyle changed to some mohawk spikes and now back to my original hair (which I like better). I changed my mind from wanting to study in Australia to going to the U.S., and now Canada. My cousins said I'd changed a lot since we last met, which I don't really remember, and the list goes on and on...

Almost everything in life you've experienced, yet to encounter or not anticipating for, it will somehow come to a point where you face massive metamorphosis that would make you reorder your life. One day you may like how your backyard looks after a day of hard work remaking everything, a flood, or a hurricane may decide to come interfere and waste all those hard effort put in. And the next day, you find your backyard in a mess and swear to never step a foot in there again.

Let's not talk about these. College. It is now a very crucial time for me - to decide my major, and I know, I'm very clear that every decision I make now would totally directly, if not indirectly affect how the rest of my life would look like. I have a picture of my dream life. It will be not really luxurious but good enough to maintain a quality lifestyle. A job with a reasonably deserving high pay and sufficient to take care of my parents. This is what I want. I would also want to start a business venture of my own a few years after in the field. That's what I really want. But all that seems so hard.

I know and am very certain that nothing, absolutely nothing comes falling from the sky. There ain't no free lunches on Earth. And this, I think that's what, which makes it meaningful. You work for something and that something will yield a better something, perhaps a bigger and more superb one. It works the same to achieving anything.

My major and field of study is the most mind-boggling decision I have to ever make, but there are tons of other stuff to worry about later in life. So this is just small matter for years to come, until now, to me it's a massive live-or-die thing. I have yet to come to a firm choice as to major in ____ or ____ or ____, but I still applied and hoping for that when I open my mailbox I see an admission letter sent to me saying that I'm in! Need some more positive energy for this one here!

Seems like I'm going off topic, but nope, all those stuff I said are also related to change. I'm somehow like predicting those changes that might happen to me, in my life, in few years time. I'm making a decision that will ultimately alter every single detail, or atom, inside me. And those anticipation, let me tell ya, it ain't fun at all. But, there's always a but to everything, I could just fill myself with more of those positiveness and I'll make it through and get what I'd desired. You too! You could make it through for sure!

Positive vibes,
Peace out ;-)

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Wannabes much?

Does doing what others do make us wannabes? Wearing the same, exact clothes as those guys around the curb, on the sidewalk, in Starbucks? I think they're called hippies, but I don't have a clear picture of what the word "hippie" stands for. It's like suddenly everyone's wearing H&M.

Starbucks. The place where people hangout and have coffee, talk, chat, but what happens to be recently, more like get a Frappuccino, find a seat, out goes the iFamilies, and yeah. Not stereotypical, I personally hangout at Starbucks a lot. With friends, alone, rushing on assignments or just reading, or people-gazing, or just yeah, daydream whatever, but mostly without ordering any drinks, coz you're not obliged to, plus the baristas wouldn't throw you out if you don't. I come here for their power supply and WiFi, maybe a little bit of the ambience when I'm out on the go (usually at college).

I order my regular iced tall double soy latte, which is technically out off the menu, in lieu I always see people ordering a grande green tea frap, or chocolate cream frap, I mean it's your drink don't you need some customizations or you're just trying to be like everyone else who comes to Starbucks, order a drink coz everyone does, and show off your iDevices coz everyone has one (or two). Or in short wannabes. I do sometimes consider myself a wannabe with the fact that I buy clothes from Uniqlo and H&M but that doesn't make me look like a complete idiot, coz seriously, they've got some really decent clothes.

My point is, people are constantly caught to the idea that they have to be what they think society wants them to be. For example, you wouldn't be deemed cool if you don't own an iPhone or don't wear H&M, or don't go to Starbucks, which those mammoth multinationals win in their ads and makes tons of money out of these people. I can't really judge people, especially when they like their coffee the way it is out of the menu, or feels more comfortable dressing like the mannequin in store windows. 

What only matters at the end of the day is to be your original self. Be who you are, not who they are. But the problem in this world is, everyone is brainwashed with overrated celebrities in commercials and mainly material things. Materialism is the word. That includes me :)

Peace out.

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Fair is fair

Living in this world, you'll probably see some people being born with more advantages and more opportunities than others. Like, a child raised in a wealthy family and another being raised in poverty. Well, being said that, you can easily get those two children into different paths, for instance, a rich kid who doesn't have to worry about anything, not even a single f given, while a poor kid has to worry about school, family problems and all sorts. What's more a child from a poor family has to worry about not having enough money to pay for college, finding a job and so on. 

So it makes sense no? Wealthy kids just live the life whereas poor children live the day. It is so true it can't be truer. Some people are just blessed with more advantages than others. It can't be denied. Life is unfair, yes. But let's think. We are probably one of the fortunate few millions who are still living in this world, while others die of hunger in poorer places. So why complain and hate how unfair the world is treating you, instead, embrace it. Be grateful for what you've got but others don't. Be thankful for all you're blessed with. 

And I'm the one of the few fortunates to not having to worry about college or money, though not rich enough to live like a royalty. I'm thankful for that I'm given just the right amount of advantages to live with. Seriously.


Friday, July 20, 2012

Keep Calm And Carry On

Howdy y'all! Nope. It sounds stupid :)

I've been busy with college work, assignments, and finally finished my exams this week. So happy to feel free again, and it is summer time, everything just sounds more fun! But, sadly, summer for me means getting a job but it is a no-obligation. I could choose not to. However, it is also for my own good to gain some more experience.

And yet, again, I'm here thinking about some mind-boggling issues. What I really want to do after college? Get a job in my field, or as suggested, join my family business and soon take it over? I know everything, every single thing, or achievement on Earth requires hard work. And I know this works for everything. You can't expect something beautiful to just pop out of your garden if you don't work to plant those seeds. Nothing can be earned without hard work.

I knew it. I have to earn a good GPA in college, and for that, I will have to get up and work hard. I've also been taught at home that everything has to be earned. I got my brand new computer by working for my Mom at her office as an admin clerk doing all sorts of work around the place, as it goes the same with my phone. I earned it. And I'm satisfied with what I'm blessed and given. I'm grateful that I'd actually worked for all I have. I guess that was a good parenting technique my parents used in raising me.

But still, I'm kinda pressured by them too. As all parents do, they always lecture me if not about my results, it would be about my future job. I might get frustrated with all that lengthy talks, but I know it's for my own good. They like pressuring me to get a good GPA, which I am sure I would, and what's more, talking to me about my future career, which eventually, too I would! Trust me all parents are like that, not only Chinese parents :)

Looking at people dying, suffering from poverty and watching people doing hard chores around the city, I know I'm blessed with abundance in every aspect. I have nice and loving parents, stubborn but awesome sisters and college which my parents afforded me. I couldn't ask for more, but just do the best out of my life. And lastly I would like to thank this friend who kinda re-introduced me to this very quote I had adopted wrote some time ago. Cheers :)